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Questions: Why are we (Catholics) so concerned with other’s (Non Catholics) beliefs? How can something you don’t believe affect you? If you hold it to be heretical nonsense, is it really cause of concern?:hmmm: Why is it so threatening?
I have noticed this especially when the LDS faith is concerned! WOW people get bent out of shape! WHY?!:confused:
Any thoughts?


Yes. :slight_smile:

Truth matters. If others hold to an erroneous belief about the nature of God, Who Jesus Christ is, the nature and identity of the Church He established, etc., etc., then the unity that He desires for all mankind is ruptured and that affects all of us - believer and unbeliever alike. Through Him and the work of His Church empowered and protected by the Holy Spirit, He is drawing all things to Himself to present them (us) to His Father. It is a work of charity to instruct those in error. Some are more gifted and more charitable in this than others, but the desire of all the faithful that others be brought to the fullness that Christ has to offer in and through His Church is one that should be fostered, not condemned.


Are you talking about Catholics in general or those on this board?

If it’s the ones on this board, you have to remember that this is an apologetics site. The purpose of this site is to answer Protestant objections to the Catholic faith. What else would you expect? :wink:


Well, didn’t Christ command us to spread the gospel? Did He bother to come down here and suffer ignominy on the cross just to have us all follow whatever religion we want?


FCEGM said it all. Great reply.

The Catholic Church has been commissioned to spread the word and if one soul should be saved all the angels in heaven will rejoice.

Sounds worth it to me.


Great post!:thumbsup:


Thank you for your replies.:slight_smile: Sincerely. One question still remains though… What about free will?
I agree with the fact that those (us) with the truth have a moral obligation to make it known to others, but once it has been openly rejected it is useless to continue fighting over it! I firmly believe that all those who reject the truth will have to answer for it on judgement day. So after having them reject with the truth, why should we bother with their stubbornness :confused: ? All it creates is hostility. All we could do after that is pray for them… no?


yes we all have free will…you can show someone something 100 times and they reject it…but perhaps the 101 time they finnaly accpet it…I dont think we should ever stop teaching the truth…you never know when the message might finally get through to the person!


I think that is fair to say. When it comes to the point where you are just beating a dead horse, stop. There is a certain point at which all you can continue to do is go on living your faith, and spend time praying for such people. We must respect people’s free will, God certainly allows people to have free will, so while proclaiming the Truth is certainly good, forcing it upon people is not. Continue to give witness through your actions, and if a time comes where it would be oppurtune to say something, then certainly do so.


I try to remember if the person in question was say an LDS for 20 years, it might just take up to 20 years for them to get it. Could be shorter, could be longer…

The point is its not fighting with them that does it. Its telling them what they need to know. It’s not easy for them to hear some things so they fight back.
Its personal. They are totally invested in it. Even if you provide every evidence to them that its a heresy, they are not going to admit they failed to avoid heresy. Its a hard process for them.

Then they feel betrayed when it sinks in. This leads to a lack of trusting anyone or anything. If the LDS could suck me in, obviously others could too type of thinking…
then they pray a lot.
read a lot. and in time, hopefully get over their pride and go on.

Its just so hard for them, and I wish people realized how hard it is for some to overcome the hurdles they have to in order to get home to Rome.

Oh well. Lets be more compassionate and try to see the end goal, but the in between stuff is unfortunately what we end up seeing here often, so its hard.


If they do not receive you, leave that place and shake the dust from your shoes.


I’m concerned because the Church (being the Body of Jesus Christ) is the Pillar and Foundation of Truth and people who don’t accept the Truth need to be shown it LOVINGLY. Therefore we need to know others positions so we can help them come to the fullness of truth.

People very close to me have different religious views and they need to come to terms with the Catholic faith. So knowing how to work with their positions is a really compassionate and caring way to bring them home.

LDS need to come to the fullness of the faith just as much as any non-catholic.

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