Questions for daro2096 from a former SDA...


Hi daro!

I recognize the sources of most of your cut and paste posts.

I’d really like to engage in an actual discussion. You may not realize it, but every few weeks a new member will post very similar cut and pasted material. That doesn’t really start a discussion. Have you done any research yourself into the history and beliefs of the Church?

How do you know what you’ve been told (such as the Waldensians keeping the sabbath) is true? (did you know that Waldensians still exist and would be happy to fill y0u in on their true history?)

My experience as a kid and young adult in the SDA church is that people believe what they are told and seldom check primary sources for themselves.

I became disatisfied with SDA teachings while attending an SDA college in the early 80s.

As I came to the Adventist school as an upperclassman transfer, I had a great many religion courses to take that were required classes but of course were not available at the state university I had attended. I had 12 religion credits that first semester. Four classes. Each class had a different style, but the substance was the same: “Catholicism is not Christian because they believe…” “The Catholic Church is evil and apostate because history records they did …” Almost everything fit into those two categories, just fill in the blank with the specific details.

I began to have a problem in class though. Especially the first category. One professor devoted an entire hour to a lecture on ‘Mary worship’ and elaborated extensively on it and why it was wrong. As a kid I had attended a Catholic gradeschool and as was usual at that time, we attended daily mass and memorized our catechism lessons out of the Baltimore Catechism. What the Adventist professor was teaching was not what I remembered learning. At the end of class, when there was opportunity for questions, I brought up that the Catholic church does not teach about Mary as he had just told the class, expecting some reasonable answer. His response was that everything the Catholic church publishes to teach its doctrine are deceptive lies to make things seem ok, but that the reality is the Catholic church teaches ‘Mary Worship’ because it is really pagan goddess worship disguised as Christianity. He then refused further questioning in class on the subject.

As the semester continued, this became a very familiar pattern.
“History says…” but what I remembered from secular history classes was very different. “the Catholic church believes…” but what I remembered was very different. I thought I was remembering wrong, so I began researching Catholic beliefs, after all I only had a few months of elementary school level instruction. Every thing I found confirmed what I remembered.

So here are some sincere questions to think about.

Why does the Adventist Church persist in claiming that the Catholic Church teaches things that she emphatically does not?

If a denomination has to rely on distorting history and the beliefs of others to sustain their doctrines, what does that say about their version of ‘truth’?


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