Questions for the Assurance of Salvation crowd

For those of you who believe that once you are saved your salvation is never in jeapordy, I have a couple of questions:

  1. What sins would cast doubt on the validity of a person’s salvation? For example, If I claimed I was saved and then proceeded to start an adulterous relationship, many people would claim that I was never really saved to begin with. So the question is, what is the list of sins that suggest a person is not saved and which sins can be committed by a saved person without their salvation being thrown into doubt?

  2. When we are saved, do we lose part of our free will. For example, does a saved person become incapable of committing adultery, but is still capable of holding a grudge?

I look forward to your answers. Thanks.

In regard to question (1), it is complicated by the fact that most Protestants don’t believe there is any distinction between sins. In their theology (but not in their lives - common sense prevails here) there is no difference between stealing a pencil and murdering a child. And yet nobody ever says of pencil-stealers, “well they were never saved to begin with.”

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