Questions/Help needed from former JW(s)


I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for this thread.

A co-worker of mine is going through the break-up of her marriage due to her husband’s refusal to get help for alcoholism/drug addiction. However, from talking with her I have found out that she ‘converted’ to his religion - Jehovah’s Witness - when they married 7 years ago. She was brought up Baptist, and I sense that part of the problem she has today is that she is uncomfortable with the core beliefs of the JW(s) and is active only because of her marriage.

I was wondering if there is anything in particular that I can say or guidance I can offer that might give her strength to return to her Christian roots during this difficult time. I do not wish to overwhelm her or to come off too strong - I have showed her the Catholic Answers website and the information available there about JW(s); she is aware that there is information there that she can access whenever she wants.

I sense that she is troubled by the doctrine of their faith, and is being called by the Holy Spirit back to her Christian beliefs. I hoped that, perhaps, there is someone on the board here who could guide me in my attempt to comfort and help her through a difficult time.

Thank you for your help and prayers.


Help her with her relationship with Christ. If she deepens her relationship with Him then not only will she find healing and soluce but will also find the faith to belive in Him as God.


This site has a lot of information for ex-JWs from a Catholic perspective. Hopefully you will find something that can help your friend. The person who runs it is also a frequent poster here. A search on these forums will lead you to his posts pretty quickly.


Thank you! I am going to write that link down for her too.

Anyone else?


If she’s been a jw for 7 years, she’s going to have an especially difficult time.
The “elders” wil tell her she must stay in the marriage but that any form of outside (the kingdom hall) help is unacceptable. No re-hab, no psychology, and that if she does, she will be dis-fellowshipped. Goodbye to all her jw friends. No one in the organization will be allowed to acknowledge her existense.
If he leaves, he will be disfellowshipped and she may not ever discuss any faith matters with him at all.
All I can tell you is be her friend and if the opportunity arises, talk to her about the love of Christ. Impress upon her that The true Church is a hospital for sinners and would never throw her out, nor her hubby for that matter.
Jws are so indoctrinated against any thing or any one outside of the watchtower society that they experience real fear at moving beyond it.


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