Questions in regards to confession


This has become thing that I have been thinking about. But let’s say I go confess about something. But even after I confess and have been cleaned of my sins I still feel bad about my sin and still feel guilty.

Is that still a sin to not be able to forgive yourself?


Unless you’re deliberately and willfully refusing God’s forgiveness, it’s in no way, shape, or form a sin. God does not need our feelings to work upon us – even if you’re still feeling guilty, it doesn’t mean you haven’t been forgiven. Believe me, there are sins I’ve committed in my past that I still feel lousy about. It doesn’t mean those confessions were invalid.


That you feel bad for your sins even after confessing them is a good sign. It means you have contrition. Of course, you don’t want to obsess over these sins - this can be unhealthy. Firmly resolve to sin no more and move on. Through sacramental confession, you can be assured that God has forgiven you.


And I think that’s what I meant. You want to be remorseful about it. You don’t want to act conceited for lack of a better word. You want to let God know that what you did was wrong and you will not do it again.


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