Questions on explaining sins on confession

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Got to confession. Tell the priest your sins.
Ask him to counsel you.

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If I’m understanding your post correctly, you have an issue with masturbation.

Whenever you masturbate, you need to go to confession. It is a grave sin, and given that you seem to know that it’s a grave sin, it is mostly likely a mortal sin.

If you do masturbate and don’t have a chance to go to confession prior to mass, don’t present yourself for communion, and get to confession as soon as you can.

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Agree with the others.
Just wanted to say that the priest likely knows you are struggling with saying the name of the sin so just say, I am struggling with the name of this sin, it’s lust with myself, or use the word masturbation. believe me the priest has heard it before, many many times. But the point is tell him you find it hard to say it, also tell him, you are finding it hard to stop doing it and you feel ashamed of that. that is part of the sin. Confessing that shame and struggle with the sin and with confessing it, will help you. God bless you

That was in the…Do i need to explain it again?

Question was about the ways that explained it…afterwards…is it valid or no…


This was the first year of joining Chatholics.
Never did confession before.
Nobody explained anything.
I did things alone.

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