Questions on Latin and Maronite Church

I have a few questions on both Churches. Please stay on topic and answer in order :slight_smile:

  1. What are the differences between Maronite and Latin Novus Ordo liturgy?

  2. Is the Maronite Church " Latinized " because it seems very similar to the Latin Church, just with a eastern flavor.

  3. What are some traditions Maronites and Eastern Catholics in general practice that the Latin Church does not?

God Bless

I am not Maronite so I can only answer #3.

The traditions of the East are distinct, so there is a long list of practices that are exclusive to Churches of a common Rite. In the Byzantine Rite, to name a few, we have iconostasis, the use of Liturgical Spoon (except for Melkites) and Communion via intinction.

It really is a long list and to a casual observer, they may mistake East and West as two completely different faiths.

What’s with the whole “Melkites are not using the liturgical spoon anymore” thing? o:

Well, they don’t. It is not in their tradition to use the spoon.

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