Questions on Missing Mass

This thread has two questions: forgetting to attend Mass and weather conditions.

First, the past few weeks I’ve been simply forgetting to go to Mass, four times in a row actually. Now I love going to Mass and participate as faithfully as I can; I even consider intentionally missing Mass to be a mortal sin. But a lot of times I’d end up unintentionally sleeping in on Sundays, so I’d shoot for going to the 6pm Mass, and would get into a task and space the time and realize it was 6:30 or something.

Did I commit a sin by sleeping in or spacing the time on the evening Mass?

As well the past few weeks have had heavy rain, and I could drive to Mass but I’m a little worried about road conditions (I live in the mountains); I’d likely make it, but there’s a slight risk of getting into an accident, and the road to my parish is on a cliff.

Should I go to Mass despite the risk or is it better to miss Mass altogether?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you don’t intentionally miss Mass then it is not a mortal sin. If you habitually forget about Mass then it *might *be sinful. It is at least an indication that you are not ordering your life around Sundays. Maybe you need to rethink your Saturday activities and/or your Sunday activities so that they are planned around Mass rather than fitting a Mass into your other activities.

As far as safely getting to Mass is concerned… The general advice is that if you would go to school or work under the same conditions then you ought to go to Mass. If you wouldn’t go to school or work then likely it is too dangerous to drive to Mass. Naturally, if you do go to Mass under less than ideal weather conditions you should allow plenty of extra time and use extra caution.

It would be best to discuss this with a priest. My personal take on it is that there should be a concious effort to make it to Mass, simply forgetting it is not a good enough reason. Again thats my personal take on it. Going to Mass should be the single most important task in a Catholic’s Sunday. If there’s 5-foot of snow outside or a typhoon/hurricane or you’re sick, then thats fine and excusable. Simply forgetting it sounds like not putting enough effort in going to Mass.

But go talk to your priest. He will have a better and definite answer.

I would have to ask, just how important is the Mass to you?

What you have posted about forgetting to go to Mass just doesn’t hold water at all! Do you have an alarm clock? If so, set it. If not, buy one, and set it.

You use the computer. Do you use Outlook? If so, set up appointments for yourself for every Sunday and Holyday of Obligation with reminders to pop-up in good time to remind you.

It seems that you have become very lazy about going to Mass. If I were you, I would bring this up in confession.

To be fair to the original poster, we shouldn’t jump all over someone and tell them that what they are saying ‘doesn’t hold water’ unless and until we know WHY they are sleeping in or losing track of time.

Possibly they have recently started a job working ridiculously long hours as a doctor or nurse or something, and busy and stressed enough saving peoples’ lives to make ‘forgetting’ somewhat understandable if not entirely excusable. Or have some other similarly serious responsibilities that make for a more understandable reason, and are not acting out of sheer laziness or lack of love for God.

Having said that, OP, do whatever it takes - multiple alarms, multiple reminders (do you have friends or family who you can rely on to either call you up to remind you or remind you in person if they live with you?). Use a ‘wakeup’ phone service (where they give you a reminder call at a set time) if need be. That’s a service you pay for, so you’re less likely to just ignore it.

I know the feeling - some days I have to set three separate alarms, each a few minutes after the other, to get out of bed on time. Try everything until you find something that works for you.g

I would go to confession and discuss it with the priest, he is the judge in the name of Christ and the Church , not you or this group.

As a former pastor always rants during his Homilies, people never forget to eat when they are hungry, why do we treat going to Mass any less? The need to feed our soul should be as urgent as feeding our bodies.

Forgetting is one thing. But it is true that lots of people DON’T eat even WHEN they are hungry, IF they are stressed enough or preoccupied enough about something else. They might not even feel hungry until after they’ve finished their urgent tasks. It’s hapened to me a few times.

Not saying it’s a good thing, but it’s not a sin if it happens unwittingly a few times.

And others simply never get particularly hungry even when they don’t eat for a while. Some can go days without eating and not appreciably notice it, or have any hunger pangs to speak of.

Of course when, as with the original poster, one fails to eat when one should, and it happens more than two or three times, then one should get the hint and make a special effort to eat when it’s necessary, regardless of whether one is hungry or not, because one needs nourishment.

In our parish (unless for sickness or some other serious reason) nobody has an excuse to miss Mass. We have 10 Masses every Sunday, starting at 5.30 am with the last one at 8.30pm.

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