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If anyone could provide me with some info or links to information on the Saints and how the Canonization process started and developed I would really appreciate it. Something I find very interesting is the concept of Patron Saints, who pray for specific groups of people and their intentions. What is the reasoning/theology/history behind Patron Saints? I really don’t know much about all this due to my Protestant background and I don’t want to fall into the trap of dismissing these matters as “false Catholic traditions of men” given my newness to the faith. For people who grew up Protestant we tend to look at certain Catholic traditions like sainthood and automatically (and carelessly) think its false b/c it presumes to know too much of God’s will. I have a lot to learn, please be patient. Thanks.

Hey CK -

Try this link…

And dont worry we are all still learning that is why we call Her Holy Mother Church, because She is constantly teaching us.

I will pray for you.

[quote=CollegeKid]What is the reasoning/theology/history behind Patron Saints?

Catholics believe that we carry our own human experiences and memories with us into Heaven. We also believe that those of us on earth can ask those in heaven to pray on our behalf. But it is natural for us to approach a Saint who we believe would be especially sympathetic to our particular cause (due to the circumstances of his/her earthly life). Thus the idea of “patron” Saints - those who identify in a particular way with a particular cause.

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