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I am a Taiwanese living in Taiwan. I begun seriously exploring Christian faith and the Catholic Church only in this year. I also attend RCIA(-like) programs in Catholic Churches in my living city.

In recent months I feel a deep need to find an authority to help me genuinely comprehend and assimilate (what happened presented in) the whole Bible. So I do consider buying at least one Study Bible from For example this one:

But before I decide to be engaged in Study Bible, could someone please share your experience: How much a Study Bible can help one genuinely comprehend and assimilate the whole Bible? Also: Are there free resources on the internet that can be substitutes for a Study Bible?

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Oh. No one reply yet. Maybe the right question I should ask and learn is: How to comprehend and assimilate the whole Bible like a genuine faithful?


This is free.


Study Bibles have made a huge difference for me personally. I have several versions, because when I get stuck on a verse I like to see the different commentary. But if I had to pick just one for the NT, it’d be the Ignatius Study Bible (RSV-2CE). The problem is that for right now, they don’t have the OT done. My second choice that comprises the whole Bible would be an NABRE study Bible- commentary on those are pretty good. The commentary made a huge difference for me in my understanding of the Bible.

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