Questions on transgenderism and SSA


Ok so I have alot of questions on the topic of Transgenderism and SSA

first question: this is a personal one but I have GID(gender dysphoria) and was wondering. are hormones sinful to take WITHOUT getting the Operation to change the sex?

Second question: Lets say some body has SSA and are male. They meet a Female(who identifies as male but doesnt plan on transitioning) would the man be able to marry her/her? after all they would be able to still have the martial act the way god intended

Third question Is it true that a catholic can get SRS if they would end up killing them self from depression with out it?

Forth question. Is it sinful to use people’s PREFERED pronouns? (ex Person one identifies as female but was born male would it be sinful to use female pronouns)

and lastly is it sinful to support Trans gender rights? And is it sinful to support same sex UNIONS but not support same sex…acts?

sorry for dumping all of these questions i am just very confused and making a thread for each question would be rather tedious


Also another question Lets say a married couple(man and women) had a fetish for something… would it be sinful for them to use that in “The act”? would they be allowed to use it outside of the act?

  1. it is not sinful to take hormones to treat an actual medical condition. Would the hormones help the person to resolve the dysphoria and more comfortably live as their biological sex or would the use of hormones enable the condition? The former is not sinful, the latter is morally questionable.

  2. Complicated situation. No one here can give an exact answer. This would need to be resolved with the priest during pre-marriage or even pre-engagement counseling.

  3. Maybe. There is no actual Church teaching on this but there was one document, several years ago, directed as guidance to Priests in Confession that seemed to have an exception for very extreme cases. Currently there have been some studies that point to an equal suicide rate post-surgical so I don’t know how that would be addressed by any specific confessor. It is not a blanket exception to allow such surgery if a person expresses suicidal thoughts.

  4. Not a sin to use a person’s preferred pronouns or to use their biological ones. It’s not a matter of sin.

  5. It is never a sin to support civil rights. No person, regardless of gender or gender identity should ever be subject to unjust discrimination or to violence. It is a sin for a Catholic to support same-sex unions. The Church says that our duty is “clear and emphatic opposition”.


Well taking hormones gets rid of dysphoria either way but in this case it would be the hormones of the gender X identifies as


How does that help to resolve the dysphoria? Would not a person undergoing hormone therapy still have a dissonance between his/her biological sex and his/her identification with the opposite sex?


from what i read(and was told by a doctor) they balance out the hormones and prevent the dysphoric feeling. also you only can go on them IF confirmed to have dysphoria and they are confirmed to help


I’ll say no. Because that’s what you’d want to hear. And I mean a lot of this is something spinning out of your control. So you’ve got to get a handle on it. However you can. You think taking a hormone is gonna fix that for you? Ok. But I’m gonna tell you straight. It probably won’t make much difference.

Here’s why. You’re still not going to feel at ease. You still won’t feel at peace. Even if you get the whole operation done you’ll still feel only part-way there. You’re gonna have only some of the looks. Or some of the equipment. Or some of the inner feelings. But it’s never a whole thing. So there’s a false hope in relying on that. There’s a false expectation that this is your cure. Because man there’s no cure. It doesn’t get ‘fixed’. The only thing I would suggest you do is to figure out a way to pull a positive out of this black hat. Figure out a way that your empathizing and longing for female parts might make you a better person as you are. Because if you can draw that way. If you can merge into that lane. You might have something. You might get somewhere. Because in constantly going after the ‘you’ you think might exist. The one that’s a phantom thought right now. You’d be doing something concrete with the real ‘you’. You’d be shoring up that line of defense.

So what could you do? Well buddy you’re in a good line-up for being a counselor. Someone with feelings this hard has got to have a deep well of pain. And that well is where empathy springs forth. Like a fountain. I mean like cutting yourself makes you bleed, putting yourself in a place where your pain can serve is another way out. It’s another type of blood-letting. Think about it. Make your shot in life all about other people and you might think less about your own pain. About your own longing.

Not gonna work. This is a bit of a fantasy here. I mean that might appeal to a guy like me though. Sort of. But not all the way. Look. A guy with SSA likes the physical parts that make a man what he is. He’s not going to be fooled by a conversation. His brain isn’t going to accept that this girl is really a man. Just because she mentions it in passing.

But. A guy like me would probably go for that. Because if you dressed this girl up in a guy type style it might just do. It’d be confusing. But well. I don’t know. It might work. It might take the edge off things sometimes. But I mean would it be alright to marry assuming you could work such an angle? Of course. That’d be a perfect circle.

Don’t give the false dichotomy. Don’t do the heads or tails with a complex question. You already know both are wrong. Or else you wouldn’t be asking. You can’t shoehorn morality into a channel that flows for you. I mean that’s like me asking if I can have a three-way relationship because otherwise, God, I’ll kill myself. I don’t think God goes for the blackmail routine. Sorry. Don’t threaten God with the ultimate tantrum. He won’t bite.

No. If someone wants to be called Dr. instead of Mr. we roll with that. We stroke their ego. No sweat. Even if the only thing that gives them that prefix is because they let someone teach them how to do certain stuff starting in a classroom. It’s not like they were born different. So if someone wants to be called she because she’s in a dress (even though it’s really a ‘he’) who cares? Pat her on the head and do what she prefers. It’s an act of kindness. It’s just being polite. And it doesn’t do any harm. Well not the kind that you’re responsible for.

What’s a union without an act? That’s sort of like supporting going to the movies as long as the projector’s off.

And I don’t know about the ‘rights’ bit. I mean it depends what that means. Does it mean a guy with girl parts should be able to use the men’s room? I don’t think so. I think that’s unnecessary. That’s a push in the wrong direction. Because that girl knows what girl-parts look like so she shouldn’t be freaked out about using the right facilities. She shouldn’t get special treatment to make other men uncomfortable.

But does it mean that a guy dressed as a girl shouldn’t get beat up in Central Park? Yeah. I don’t think that should be allowed. So you’ve got to break this down a bit. You’ve got to open the package and tell us what the rights are.

Hey. No. That’s what this place is for. That’s where we do this.

And as for the fetish question. Well I don’t think that’s anyone’s business. People do weird stuff. I try not to think about it. That’s about as far as that goes.

Peace buddy. Hope you’re doing ok. Hope things are working out.



Thanks you very much

*as for the suicide or SRS part it wasnt meant to sound like a black mail but more of what goes on in their head when they have that much depression


You got it. No probs.

*as for the suicide or SRS part it wasnt meant to sound like a black mail but more of what goes on in their head when they have that much depression

Ok. Fair deal. I mean it’s a tough road. I know that. But just don’t forget it’s a road shared. And I mean we’re here too. We’re here to help.

Peace Ph0enix.



An admirable post Trident! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Thanks Domer. Thanks so much for that. You know how to make a guy feel good. I mean that. Thanks for being such a good support. You’ll never know how much that helps!

Peace Domer.



Truly, God bless you. You inspire me to be a better Catholic.


It is naïve to believe that it will eliminate dysphoria, but normally it does help treat dysphoria to a large degree.


Good point!


Let’s be clear. It is impossible to change sex. If you are born a male you remain a male. if you are born a female you remain a female. It does not matter how a person feels, what they think, how they dress, what hormone or other treatment they go through and even if they have surgery they remain biologically the same as they were born.


The rate of suicide of.people.with GD after transitioning and after surgery remains the same. Hence the hormones.are not going to get rid of the dysphoria. As to the rest, Trident made a great post that doesn’t need too much to add.


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