Questions regarding reunion with our bodies

This one is a bit out there…
It is our belief that at the end of time, all souls will receive a final judgement. Those who will receive God’s Grace will be reunited with their bodies for all eternity.

Question: Will our reunited bodies and souls reside on heaven or earth? Can the physcial exist in Heaven? Does the earth transform into a glorious place - perhaps a combiniation of the two - becoming heaven AND earth? Or does both no longer exist, and a new plane of existance come to be?

Where will we reside once we are reunited with our bodies?

This is addressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in paragraphs 1042-1050.

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To put it very simply - if Christ’s risen and glorious body, as well as the bodies of Enoch, Elijah and Mary (all of whom were assumed) can exist in heaven then certainly ours can too. Christ’s ressurection and these Assumptions are all a foretaste of what our glorified heavenly bodies will be like.


We are used to saying that heaven, like hell, or purgatory is presently a state and not a place. But, if you think about it, heaven is already a place, since it is occupied by at least two bodies : that of Jesus and that of Mary. Wherever they reside, there is heaven.

As far as heaven after the universal resurrection, Revelation speaks of a new heaven and a new earth. Many think that heaven will be this transformed earth, which will have become like a Garden of Eden again.


All humans will be reunited with their bodies, we are not complete humans without them. In Heaven with God whereever that is. Can the physical exist in Heaven? Yes, of course, Jesus and Mary we know are in Heaven with their physical bodies.

All humans will be reunited with their bodies after the Final Judgment. A great book that discusses the possibilities of heaven is A Travel Guide to Heaven by Anthony Destefano. It is a fun book to read and I noticed no conflicts with the Catholic faith. The author is Catholic but writes from such a perspective that it could be read by any Christian.

Michelle Arnold recommends it as well.

I am told that Peter Kreeft has a book entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven”, maybe you should get a copy of that.

The Revelation of Saint John speaks of a new heaven and a new earth, complete with a New Jerusalem. I just want to be with Jesus, where ever that may be.

BTW, we ARE gonna get new glorified bodies, and I’ve got a great one picked out!

“And when You blast this cosmos to kingdom come/
when those jagged edge mountains I love are gone/
when the sky is crossed with the tears of a thousand falling suns, as the crash into the sea/
Then can I be with you? Can I be with you?” – Rich Mullins

The real issue is human understanding. Humans do not understand the future, they interpret inferences. The Church teaching is we reunite however that is a human understanding. Consider this if your Grandmother chooses to be a young girl in heaven will you know her as your grandmother or another child? It could be both at once, she could see herself as a young girl while you see her as a older grandmother!

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