Questions that need answers

So I’m going to confession next week and im trying to think of all my sins to say, I know we are not suppose to hold back mortal sins, but what about questions? my question is “is it a sin to like the south” you know because of slavery, I DO NOT like slavery but I like how they tried to form their own country (im also born in the south) so are questions like that bad to hold back or should we say them? I’d appreciate it if someone could answer my question :slight_smile:

If you can’t decide the answer on your own, ask the priest when you see him in Reconciliation/Confession.

If you’re going into a confessional booth with a line of folks behind you, I would opt to actually meet with a priest in a face-to-face appointment for a thorough confession where he has the time to answer your questions.

This may help you to learn / define what a sin it, it’s just another Examination of Conscience:

How exactly would you be personally be responsible fro the sins of others?
That’s like saying I can’t travel to Germany because of what Hitler inflicted on humanity.
Be at peace. Lots of us live in the south due to employment circumstances. We had nothing to do with slavery. The land is not cursed. Nor are it’s inhabitants.

I agree with Miserissima.

If there are lots of questions or if it has been a long time then it is probably best to make an appointment.


Sounds like you might (emphasize might) be suffering scrupulosity. Ask your confessor about this.

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