hey ya’ll, this isn’t the best thread i’ve made but…

if anyone here has a question for me about paganism or wicca i will be happy to answer as long as its a mature question


Does wiccan have a set of rules to follow?

And where does one obtain these rules?

Who wrote the rules?

Who interprets them?


yes wiccans do have a set of rules, its called the rede and its on my signature,

there actualy everywhere, internet,books,videos ect.

i honestly have no idea

everyone interprets them, just how many christians interpret the bible diffrently

p.s. here is a link to the wiccan code of chivalry (not the original writer of it though)


Many people have interpreted the Bible differently, which is why there are Catholics, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and the list goes on.

So are there different groups within Wiccanism, and if so, what are their names?


well most wiccans i know are solitarey, and by diffrent groups i don’t know exactly what you mean…there are diffrent traidtions of wicca for example
gardner tradtion
alexadrian tradition


Do Wiccans have any religious services that they are required to attend? What about holidays?


yes we have services, but not all do them…but alot bealive that you dont need to do services (rituals) to be a wiccan

and we have holidays also known as sabbats

samhain (oct. 31)
yule (dec. 20-23)
imbolc (feb. 2)
ostara (march 19-22)
beltane(may 1)
midsummer (june 19-23)
lughnasadh (aug. 1)
mabon (21-24)

the reason there is a A - B is cause the dates differ between diffrent traditions


What tradition do you follow?


celtic, and norse


What do Celtic and Norse Wiccans think happens when you die?


rencarnation, i know it seems really silly but its what i bealive


You come back as another human?

Or anything living such as a dog or cat?


i dont know, in my opinion its up to my deites


What do you call your deities? And do you get to know what you were in a previous life?


my arn’t we a curious one? :slight_smile:

my deities, well im sure you already know are the god/goddess that i worship

and normally what i think is my previous lives are bits and pieces, now they could jst be my mind playen games with me idk…but its up to faith though right?


Do you god and goddess have names?


uhm…theres a whole laundry list in the celtic and norse faiths, but the ones i worship are

danu (mother goddess - celtic)
dagda (father god - celtic)
brighid (healing/water goddess - celtic and norse)(but brighid had a diffrent name in the norse)


I think kellie ment (if not, I’d like to know :wink: )Do your god/goddess that you worship have specific names… Like “Loki” or “Aphrodite” etc.


Ya’ll are too fast for me!


lol sorry :slight_smile:

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