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I am so relieved to find that so many other Catholics out there are asking questions we don’t have the answers for! Why don’t we have answers more readily available to us?!

I have a few:

  1. I am almost 38 and will probably hit menopause in about 10 years and am concerned that I won’t find the right husband and have children; what is the Church’s position on artificial insemination?

  2. I am getting to know a very sweet man who is not hard-core Christian/Catholic but was raised around a lot of Presbyterianism and is open-minded and accepting of others and their beliefs; how do i handle that as i may care for him.

  3. is the morning-after pill considered abortion? (family member’s predicament)


First, I recommend obtaining a catechism [or reading one on line]

Speak with your parish priest…

1] the Catholic Church teaches that artificial insemination is not acceptable…read the Theology of the Body for a good idea of catholic sexuallity. Artificial insemination removes the procreative aspect of our selves from the unitive…

From a moral stand point his might be ‘good’ for you but denies and does not acknowledge the affects upon others like the child, the father etc… Does this potential child want to grow up in a home with no father present? I saw a 20/20 * show some years back on just this scenario: A woman deiced her biological clock was ticking, she wanted a child, went to a sperm donor bank, requested an artist type, made the decision that she did not need a husband and the chid did not need a father…has boy child who graduates from high school very artistic [musician?] Meanwhile sperm donar dad has become rather well known and famous. Child askes questions…Whos my dad, can I meet him…Mother contacts this sperm donor…want to meet your son…Man, no I have no “son”…Boy feels rejected, can’t understand why his “father” would not want to meet him…Another man on the program who donated sperm while in college lived in fear that some child [and he did not know how many there might be] would come ringing his door bell…

2] You can care for and even marry a non-catholic. You just have to work through the issues…

3] The morning after pill is considered abortion.

I will pray for you and your family member…*


Thank you so much, Yada, God bless.

Where do you recommend I get a Catechism?


Children must be conceived via an act of normal sexual intercourse between spouses.

AI is not morally acceptable. See Donum Vitae for detailed reading.

It is unwise to date non-Catholics and those that do not share your beliefs, values, and religious practice. See On Mixed Marriage and Casti Connubii for church teachings on marriage.

Your family member should not engage in sexual relations outside of marriage.

No, a Catholic may not employ the morning-after pill, which is contraceptive at best and abortifacient at worst-- depending on when in the cycle it is taken. Both contraception and abortion are gravely immoral.

If the person was forced into sexual activty against their will, they have done nothing wrong, but still may not do anything that may cause an abortion.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church can be ordered from, it is typically available in local bookstores in the Religion section-- make sure you get the proper one. You can read it online here.


Online version at this site.


The Church does not FORBID interreligious marriages, in fact some of the happiest married people i know are just that. The other stuff you asked, yes that is forbidden.


Christopher West’s book, Good News about Sex and Marriagecan be ordered on line from the big bookstores – Amazon, B&N. It is a MUST read on the Catholic teaching on life issues. All the questions answered in feisty Q&A format. Get it when you order your Catechism*.***

An example of West’s tone is this (paraphrased):

When can’t Catholic Church get out of the middle ages and realize that psychologists today believe that masturbation is good for you?



Sorry to be so late respomding, I see others have identified online sourcces for the cathechism…

My copy [paper back] version was obtained as FredMeyers. FredMeyer is a local grocery store chain - I think they have since been bought out but they are not hard to find. Back in 1996, mine cost $6.95. Any book store or a grocery store that carries books should have them.

Searchig on the computer is fun and fast…sometimes it is nice to sit with the words in front of you to contemplate. Like reading scripture, it nice to sit quietly, read, contemplate, pray and then repeat the process…somehow the computer is not contemplative…at least for me…

God Bless


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