Quick advice!


I have committed a mortal sin since I last went to church and my parish doesnt have confession till saturday - I want to go to mass tomorrow and friday what should i do??


J :confused:


Confession does not require a mass- only a priest. Call one.

Good luck!


Call around to other local parishes and see if they have confession available…
Also, ask to see if a priest (at your parish or another local one) will hear your confession in his office…


What Em said- if you’re sure it’s a mortal sin…


If you cannot find a Priest, you would attend Mass and services, and instead of recieving you would pray. Your obligation is to attend Mass, and if you are in a state of sin, you do not recieve at the Mass until you have been to Confession.

On Good Friday, you CAN go forward and venerate the Cross. That is open to all, even non-Christians.


You can go to mass even if you don’t get another confession. You just cannot take the Eucharist. You will still get a lot out of the Triduum. Maybe having to sit and not partake will be a powerful deterent against whatever sin it was happening again? I know that there is nothing that I hate worse than feeling separated from God my mortal sin and not being able to receive Him.

I’m assuming that you are already Catholic. If you are a candidate entering the church this weekend, then you really do need to fit a short confession in somehow or you will miss your 1st Eucharist. Yikes.

Either way, when you call the priest be sure to say that it is a **very **quick confession for one thing that just happened.

Also if you are near a monastary or school with priests who teach, they might be able to help you. Many parish priests are super busy right now.


Someone on CAF once said they found a priest quickly before mass and asked if he could hear their confession and he did. It was quick. Apparently it is rare a priest will refuse :slight_smile:


I would assume though since this is holy week confessions should really be pushed, so I would think you could either find one or find a priest will to do a quick one. The only exception would be if the priest is getting ready for a very large Mass.


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