Quick Help On A Few Latin Pronunciations!

I just have a quick question on a few Latin pronunciations. I did a report and will be giving a presentation to my class tomorrow. I don’t want to sound stupid, so I just wanted to double check to see how you pronounced the following:

*Redemptor Hominis

Veritatis Splendor

Evangelium Vitae

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis*

Thanks in advance!

Ray (like ray of light)-demp-tor hoe-me-nis.

Ver-i (long e)-tas splen-dor.

EE-van-jel-i-um Vee-tay

Or-di-nah-cee-oh Sah-ser-do-tah-lis.

That’s as close as I can get to English.

Not exactly, brotherhrolf, I think.

Redemptor Hominis: reh-dehmp-tor hoh-mih-nis

Veritatis Splendor: veh-ree-tah-tis splen-dohr

Evangelium Vitae: eh-vahn-jeh-lee-oohm vee-tay

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: or-dih-nat-see-oh sah-chehr-doh-tah-lis

As you note, brotherhrolf, not so easy to do using the “ordinary” sounds of English letters. Perhaps someone can improve on my effort!

Thanks. It’s not like anyone would know if I said them wrong, but I just feel better knowing for sure:cool: .

Don’t mention it. Here’s a link to a .wav file I recorded of me (mis)pronouncing the words: Latine loquor

I did my best. I know what it sounds like. I could have transliterated it into Spanish pronounciation but rey could be reh or ray. Ah, eh, ee, o, ouh.

And I think your best was pretty good—I used it as a starting point for mine. The idea of transliterating into Spanish is not at all a bad one; it would certainly work better than transliterating into English.

The file has now been removed. If anyone should want it, please send me a private message.

Again, thank you both. Now I just ask that you pray that it goes well tomorrow. My class is very “diverse”, and I am fairly certain I am the only Roman Catholic in it, so I’m anxious about how my presentation will be received. Hopefully though someone will learn something, or at best it will open at least a little productive discussion.

I recently stumbled across this site – While I’ve not read/listened to the whole of it, it seems very thorough.

PHONETICA LATINÆ - How to pronounce Latin

“tee-bob sez: check it out :thumbsup:

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