Quick liturgical questions

See how fast you can nail 'em!

  1. At my Church, after the Gospel reading, the parishioners sing the Alleluia again, instead of saying “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.” Right or wrong?

  2. In the case where there are lay lectors, ought they to genuflect (health permitting) at the tabernacle, should they pass it by directly? They never do… is it prescribed that they needn’t for some reason?

  3. The bow of the head upon the name of Jesus, Mary, the Trinity together, or the Saint whose feast day it is:
    a) is it at all times during the Mass, such as during the reading of the Gospel, or during the homily?
    b) does this apply to all incarnations of the names? “Lamb of God” “Christ” “Christ Jesus” “the Virgin” “Mother of God” etc…?

Thanks friends.

Are you inquiring or is this a quiz?

I’ve seen this done once recently but I don’t see any allowance for it in the missal or GIRM. Anyone have authorities saying it’s allowed?

The prescribed posture during Mass is a bow.

The rubric doesn’t specify. I do it whenever I’m standing. So yes during the Gospel, no during the homily or the Eucharistic Prayer. Kneeling is already a posture of reverence. I find that bowing during Mass forces me to be more attentive but it has the opposite effect if done during the homily.

In that list only “Christ Jesus” since it actually contains “Jesus.”

Inquiring. I thought it’d be a little more fun if it seemed like a game but the “thanks, friends” was my indication of seeking help.

Regards to number one, I believe you that it is right (the priest seems to not have any problem with it)-- I just can’t find anything on the subject, like the above poster. Everything I look at just says “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ” after the reading, without mentioning alternatives.

Regards to number two, profound (at the waist) or bow of the head? And from what I understand at all times outside of Mass, the genuflect is the appropriate token, yes?

Regards to number three, thanks!

Bow of the head at the holy names. Outside of Mass, genuflect when passing the Blessed Sacrament except when moving in procession.

While it’s not rare to hear the Alleluia done there, it’s not what’s mandated by the GIRM.

That said, it has been done at Papal Masses – it was repeated after the Gospel on the occasion of Benedict XVI’s solemn inaugural Mass. That doesn’t mean that it should be done in the average parish every Sunday.

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