Quick! - Masons Help!

Greetings Fellow Christians,

I was just notified that a good friend of mine is coming over in the morning to have me sign a “Petition” for his application to join the Masons. I understand the Masons are not an organization a committed Catholic should join. This friend is Catholic, but has fallen off in recent years and we no longer see his family practicing their faith (at least externally).

I am sure he does not know of the history of the Masons and the Catholic Church, nor would he be joining to spite the Church.

I’m seeking your valued opinions!

Should I sign the Petition?
Should I try to witness against the Masons?

Sincerely in Christ,



If you are a Catholic, you cannot join the masons and still be considered a Catholic in good standing. It is a violation of canon law (to say the least). Don’t believe anyone who tells you that since the new code came out that the Vatican changed its position and its now okay to be a mason. It is NOT okay to be a Catholic and a mason.

Here the Vatican clearly says that this is still unacceptable. Declaration On Masonic Associations

I would say that you cannot in good conscience sign your friends petition. It would amount to you participating in the sin of your friend.

Hope this helps.

No, I wouldn’t help somebody join the Masons. Why not steer him toward the Knights of Columbus instead?

Signing this ‘petition’ would be, in essence, recommending him for membership.

You cannot do this.

I would gently and charitably say something like “membership in the Masons is prohibited by the Church, and is such a serious sin that to be absolved of it one must apply to the Holy See. So no, I will not sign.”

He’s still Catholic by baptism. The Masons are contrary to Catholicism and even anti-catholic. By signing you are saying I approve of his becoming a mason. You cannot approve of such a thing.

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