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i need to engrave something for my husband and my choices are either in latin or in hebrew. which is the more ‘catholic’ choice? i know catholics are ‘completed jews’ so hebrew could make sense (and it’s a scriptural quote from song of songs) but the official catholic bible is supposedly the latin vulgate, so…

silly question, i know, but is hebrew or latin more ‘catholic’?


Latin all the way! :thumbsup:


I would go with Latin, personally. The Mass was not, however, orignally in Latin.


yes, you’re right, i just edited my post…i think what i was thinking was about the latin vulgate and the traditional mass…but thanks for your opinions!!


I’d go for Latin. :slight_smile:




I’d actually go for Hebrew. No particular reason, I just think it would be neater :slight_smile: What is it, if you don’t mind sharing?


Naah, I vote for Latin. It just feels more Catholic somehow.


Unless he knows how to read the Hebrew alphabet, I’d go for Latin. If learning to read Scripture in the original Hebrew is something he always wanted to do, though, then I might consider the Hebrew. Having that as the first Biblical verse he learned would be kind of cool.

For most Catholics, though…Latin.


Well, now I’m wondering if I should just do it in English. Several of my ‘real life’ friends think it’d be best in English, but I’m not sure…and I need to order…rrrrrr.

Anyway, I’m ordering matching 14k white gold his/her posey rings. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” will be engraved on the outside (to wear on our right hand ring fingers) and then Song 6:3 on the inside. I thought it would be sort of fun and private to do either hebrew or latin, so…no one would know what it says except him or I, but…other people think it would be more fun to be able to glance down and see words like ‘beloved.’ But I don’t know if a man would typically be comfortable with that, though my husband probably would.


What is it that is being engraved and what is the message? You can PM if your DH is also on these forums.


I am confused, the engraving you mentioned for the outside is Song od Songs 6:3, at least the first part of the verse. Are you goinf the finish the verse on the inside? (" he browses among the lilies.") If so, consider doing just the Inside in Latin.


no, i’m not finishing the verse i’m just naming where it came from, but interesting idea


Whats a posey ring?:confused:


if the verse you choose is from one of the portions of the Bible originally written in Hebrew, such as the psalms, choose Hebrew, a Jewish jeweler should be able to help you get it right. bear in mind you might not have room for the whole passage, just the first few words.


Posey is taken from combining poem and essay together. It started in England sometime in the thirteenth century when scripting metal became easier, from what I’ve read. They’re traditionally given to lovers and express words of love.




Oohhh! What a cool idea Abby!

I personally would do Latin because I agree that it would be cool to not have just the average person know what it says. It would be something special between DH and me. (And Latin over Hebrew simply because when I think “Catholic” it makes me think “Latin”.)


Sounds like a really neat idea.

I would definitely go with the Latin.

God bless,



What a sweet idea! Sounds like you and your husband have a wonderful relationship :slight_smile: And I think you could have it engraved in Chinese and he’d still love it!


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