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I wish I knew more about nuns, and about all the Pros of being a nun or becoming a nun, because all I seem to know is the cons of being a nun? (PS. I guess I tend to think the worst first in life even about the life of a nun, which causes me to not be able to see the Pros as easily). Please answer back!
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I only know one nun and we are very close. It's too late to send an e-mail to her tonight. She's probably sleeping. I'll try to remember to do so tomorrow. Are you thinking about becoming a Nun?


You should only enter the convent if you have a supernatural calling -- a calling from the Lord Himself. It's not something that you weigh pros and cons for, as if deciding whether to buy a house.

In addition to the vocation, one might consider being a nun because:
-- your life centers on Jesus Christ -- on glorying, exalting, praising, and blessing Him, constantly -- the nun is His bride;
-- the monastic lifestyle forces you to confront yourself within a framed setting, which increases opportunities for purification and thus expedites the process of holiness;
-- your purpose in life is to pray for the salvation of souls and souls in purgatory, so you do work few others souls do on a regular basis; and
-- the monastic life requires many sacrifices, which all contribute to carrying Christ's cross, and thus contribute to the economy of salvation and expiation.

There are a lot of specifics related to the religious order, for example. Many Carmelites will experience God very intimately, in a form of spiritual marriage -- ecstatic prayer, for example. Others, such as Dominicans, shape the whole person, and dedicate their lives to loving Christ via study of His word.

The religious vocation is the highest vocation for a woman.


The nuns I knew said how freeing it was to detach from the hectic, often superficial world and concentrate of doing God’s will. They didn’t feel like they were missing anything because they found (or were trying to find) happiness through Christ, not through “things.”


Nothing in religious life is a sacrifice. If you see it like that then you are in the wrong place. It is simply a willing giving and thus a joy, with no pain.

Your last para alos gives rise to concern re elitism which the catechism forbids.

And yes you do indeed need to weigh pros and cons; we live in this earthly life as did Jesus.


Quoting Safia: - The religious vocation is the highest vocation for a woman

Speaking theologically and objectively, the above is absolutely correct; however, speaking subjectively where a particular person or persons are concerned, nothing can be higher than God’s Will for a person.


[quote="Rebekah45, post:1, topic:282858"]
I wish I knew more about nuns, and about all the Pros of being a nun or becoming a nun, because all I seem to know is the cons of being a nun? (PS. I guess I tend to think the worst first in life even about the life of a nun, which causes me to not be able to see the Pros as easily). Please answer back!
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You may already know this but there is a difference between nuns and sisters. Nuns are enclosed contemplatives, their work and ministry is prayer. Sisters are apostolic, they live and minister in the world.

I am only discerning so I have no experience but I can only tell you how I see the religious life. Simply put, I believe it is where God wants me to be. There is nothing I want more than to be consecrated to God and dedicate my life to Him. As a nun I will be able to give every second of my life to God in a way that life in the world just wouldn't let me. To be free from all the noise and distractions and clutter of the world and just be in a place where everything is for Him and His glory, I can't imagine anything else more wonderful. There will be sacrifices, but none of those things really matter. The important things will remain and only the superfluous will be lost. My family and friends will be able to visit and write to me and one day I will be united with them again in heaven. Money and possessions and other worldly distractions are nothing compared to the will of God. After all He has given me, how can I deny Him? I think of being a nun and there is nothing but joy. I will be a bride of Christ, and with every moment I will live to serve and glorify Him.

One day I will stand before my sisters, my family and God and make the solemn profession that will forever consecrate me to Him and His service. "Behold, what I longed for, I now see; what I hoped for, I now possess; I am united in heaven to him whom on earth I have loved with all my heart."


Thanks for all of your reply's it has helped a lot! I've been discerning on if I should enter the Religious Life for a few years now. Accept for now I'm starting to discern it a bit more. I guess I could say I'm in my valley in life trying to look up. Right now it seems the only time I'm at totally peace is when I'm before the Blessed Sacrament. Listening to him, yes, you heard me right. My parents when I was younger taught me how to hear God's voice. So I speak to him, and struggle at times to listen, but at times it's easy. I guess it just depends. Every time it seems that I ask him what he wants from me, it always seems to be that he says that he wants me to betroth him. When I got confirmed last year, I remember how it went. It was so peaceful, I had waited two years until I could get confirmed because I really wanted to get confirmed when my older sister was confirmed, I didn't understand what the jist of it was until then. Anyways, I remember how I went to up the Bishop and when I made eye contact and said Amen, I felt at total peace and like I could live like this forever. Then I later went on the Stuebenville South Youth Conference, and at the end of mass I gathered, along with everyone else who might have a calling of vocations, in front of the Bishop for a prayer and blessing. I remembered how I felt then too, about how I was a total peace, and also surprised and excited about how many others who might have a vocation like me.
Anyways, I guess it seems at times that I get consumed by the world and I get afraid and overwhelmed because it seems that there are too many orders to choose from, how do I know which one will be the right one that God wants me to be at? As a result of this fear, I become discouraged about my future, and a little bit depressed. I guess I need to be a bit more patient to let my future unravel on my own, which I'm not very good at considering how I'm often times impatient.
PS. Sorry for making my reply so long!


Oh yeah, Also I sometimes worry that I won't be able to do what God's calling me to do! Or that my anxiety disorder will stop me! Or that I won't be fit for this life! And last I must guilty say that I think, "How can God pick me of all the other people to become his betrothed, I'm not worry enough?" I know it's terrible to think these things, but I can't help but not too. Please pray and help with continued advice. I'd appreciate any type of comment give as long as it's not offensive, which I know it's unlikely to be. Anyways, thanks ahead of time and good night.


Have you thought about whether you feel called to apostolic or cloistered religious life? Because that’s a big difference right there that can help narrow things down before you even start looking at specific communities. If you’re interested in apostolic religious life, the obvious thing then is what ministry you feel called to. If you feel called to cloistered life, the question is then what spirituality you are most attracted to. Some have saints who were religious as their patron saints and use that as a starting point, others use whatever is the closest community to them. It can be intimidating if you just leap into it but by breaking it down it can make it a lot less scary.

When you find the right place it will just click. I went to the community I hope to one day enter and it was like coming home. I just knew in my heart that this was where God wants me to be. Don’t worry, He will let you know when you’ve found it.

If God is calling you then He will make it possible for you. Part of a calling is an ability to lead the life.

I run a blog with a friend that is a directory of religious communities and part of our aim is to help discerners find communities - we are discerners ourselves and know how intimidating it can be. It’s called The Vocation Operation if you’re interested. There are various resources in the blog itself and also a link to our email address so you can contact us if you want and we will do our best to help.

  1. your life is completely given over to Jesus!!!
  2. You become holier easier because you have other women helping you and you have less posessions
  3. You can pray more

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