Quick question about reconciliation

can you generalize about the sin instead of giving specific examples

if u forgot to confess a sin is it already forgiven??(doesnt the priest say may all sins be forgiven or something like that?)


When we honestly forget to confess a sin, yes, it is forgiven. However, I believe the general advice is to mention it at your next confession.

If you intentionally fail to confess a sin, it invalidates the Sacrament and your sins are not forgiven.

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You can generalize about a sin and if the priest needs more detail, he will ask. But watch because being too general is no good. Some detail is required, but not a life history. There’s a balance. The priest can guide you.

Yes, if you forget a sin, it is forgiven. At the end of your list of sins, you should say something like, “For these and all the sins I cannot remember, I am sorry”. However, if the forgotten sin is grave matter and it comes to mind later, you MUST confess it the next time. If you avoid confessing it the next time, your confession will be invalid.

Just name the sin and how many times. Yes, you can be too general. Like, “I broke the fifth commandment.” There are many ways to do that, and you need to tell which one it was - murder, abortion, anger??

You can also be too specific, cluttering up your confession with unnecessary details. “I killed my mother last Friday night in her kitchen with a 7 inch Wusthof Santoku knife, stabbing her sixty-four times and watching her bleed out through her carotid artery while the Yankees game was on the radio.”

“I stabbed my mother to death” is quite sufficient. Or even, “I killed my mother.” However, “I killed someone” is not enough if, in fact, it was your mother, because the relationship increases the malice of the sin.


thnx yall going to confess tomorrow cant wait :thumbsup:

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