Quick question... need help?


My friend: Hey
My friend: You’re religious
My friend: God loves you
My friend: right?
PinpointsOfLight: So I’ve been told
My friend: Okay
My friend: What’s it called when Jesus comes back to earth?
PinpointsOfLight: The second coming
PinpointsOfLight: Apocalypse
PinpointsOfLight: Take your pick?
My friend: It started with an R

So… er… what is it?




The term he thinks starts with R…


Perhaps he was thinking of the Rapture, an early 1800s invention that is popular among some non-Catholic Christian sects concerning a “secret” Second Coming in which true believers will be caught up to meet the Lord in the clouds in order that they might be spared suffering during the great Tribulation before the real Second Coming.


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