Quick Question on forgotten sins


I have just gone to confession today. I confessed all the sins that I have remembered at the time. However, I did remember some sins after the confession that I completely forgot to confess. I understand that I have to confess those forgotten sins at my next confession. My question is this: Am I still in a state of grace even though I just remembered those sins I forgot to confess? Probably a silly question, but thank you in advance for the help.


Were they venial or mortal sins?


The forgotten ones? They were mortal in nature…

I should also note that before completing my confession of sins I always add “for these sins and the ones I have forgotten, I am sorry”. No priest has corrected me about this, so as far as I know, this is ok to do. Don’t know if that changes the situation…


I would say you are not in a state of grace because you have unconfessed mortal sins. But that line "for all these sins and the ones I have forgotten " is a good line. I wonder if forgotten sins are unforgiven:confused:


As long as you made a good examination of conscience before confession, if you earnestly forgot them and did not deliberately omit them, you are in a state of grace. You are required to mention them in your next confession, but they were forgiven along with all the rest when you received absolution. Having been through this issue myself, I can assure you that my answer is 100% in line with Catholic teaching. :wink:


Thank you very much. That’s what I thought. I did not deliberately omit them, I just completely forgot about them during confession. Thank you to everyone for your responses.


If you truly forgot to confess a mortal sin and planned on confessing it, then you are fine. But if you intentionally didnt confess a mortal sin, then you would be abusing the sacrament of confession, which in itself is a mortal sin. To be on the safe side, I always say after confessing, “Im sorry for these and all of my sins” meaning Im sorry for the ones I said and the ones I forgot about


On a previous thread, someone suggested writing your sins down so that you would not forget them. I thought “good idea” and so I did that.

On Saturday morning, as I enter the confessional…oops, forgot my cheat sheet! So I did my best to remember what I could, and even told Father that I had written everything down, but had forgotten the list. I think he chuckled briefly.

Three weeks later, I have a new list. It was at that point that I realized how dark the confessional box is. Fortunately I had the light from my cell phone.

The moral of the story: better to avoid sin. Humor and seriousness at the same time.


Such would not be the case with someone who was contrite etc and intended to confess all their mortal sins…but just forgot one or so.

They would be absolved indirectly …but they are obligated to confess them (mortal sins) in the next confession when they remember.


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