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For a long time I have wanted a spiritual adviser to help me with my discernment. After asking my mother if it was okay I called a Priest friend to ask him if he would be my spiritual adviser on Thursday. He said we should both pray over it and that he would call me on Wednesday at the latest to tell me his decision. But here’s the problem: How do I pray over it? I have no clue what he meant by “pray over it”. Any ideas on what he meant?

Ii’d have thought approach it as any mature Catholic would approach a problem or dilemma. Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Place yourself humbly in the presence of the Lord, 'say to Hm in your own words what the situation is (for example, dear Lod, you know I want to serve you and do your will. It seems to me that I need a spiritual Director. If this is true, and if Fr. X will be the right one for me, please convince him of this. But always Your will, not mne).

In other words, describe the problem as you see it (which can often help a lot to clarify your own thoughts), say what (if any) solution seems to you to be the best, and ask for wisdom.
You may find this prayer of St. Elizabeth Seton helpful;
If I am right, O grant the grace within the right to stay.
If i am wrong, then teach my heart to find the better way.

Maybe something like…“dear Lord, please guide me in finding the right spiritual advisor, and if this is your will let it be done and bless it.”

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