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Hi all,
okay so in last week’s Homily our Preist gave a lengthy explanation of how the tridentine mass has just been brought back through the pope’s document. however, he went on to say that now there is a choice on which mass to attend, it is up to the younger parishoners to decide which mass they will go to. he explained how the TLM worked, and how it was different from the NO. he said that only the oldest parishoners would remember the TLM in its original heyday. he mentioned that when he has been to oxford, there is a trememndous attendance rate from young people to a local latin mass.

Whilst He said it was up to the younger parishoners, such as myself, (i am 20) to make a choice, he mentioned that the Pope’s document made it clear that if parishoners can make a case for the Tridentine mass in big enough numbers, the parish has to allow it and make room for a latin mass. he semed really against it however, in little comments he added and he seemed very in favour of the NO, despite being about 60 years old. his main point was its up to the youth of the parish to decide the future path, but he knows that our numbers are few!

My question is this, it seems my parish does not really want, overall, a latin mass to be added to the sunday schedule,i dont see most parishoners wanting to attend it, and i dont know how id be able to find out anyway. i feel if i posted a notice asking the parish, i may insult some of the regulars who are very attached to the NO. dont get me wrong, our church is a beautiful, traditional building, and our NO is very reverant with no clapping or singing of responses etc, its very traditional-styled, and i love it as it is, after all ive grown up on the NO mass.

But i personally would love to go to a latin mass. i have never had the chance. the nearest one is around 20 miles away and i dont have the means of getting there every sunday. would it be feasibile to post on my church’s bulletin board to see if anyone knows of local churches planning on doing latin mass, or to see what the demand is for placing a latin mass in the sunday routine at our parish? Or would this be considered bad form? i cant think of another option short of going to the priest, but i know he’d frown upon my choice. lets just say he makes his feelings explicitly clear! I just dont want to upset my fellow worshippers, by implying that the parish isnt good enough for me. that clearly isnt my feeling, i just want to go to latin mass for once!

sorry i went on and help and advice would be great :slight_smile:


In fact, I’m sure Father would not mind one of his younger parishoners enquiring about what he said in last week’s Homily, would he? We’ll see this evening I suppose. Your ideas and thoughts are welcome. Thankyou :slight_smile:

Its only 20 miles away, you may not have transportation to get their every Sunday, but you certainly should be able to make it there once. And in a few years, you will be able to make it there every Sunday when you get a better car which I’m sure you will.

After you’ve attended a couple of times, then you’ll be in a better position to know what, if anything, you ought to do.

I agree with this statement. of course europeans see 20 miles differently than we do here in the US, as I have seen in germany. But it would be worth it, in my opinion. Who knows, maybe if you say something to him, he might start pondering on it. Knowing that younger people are wanting this and knowing a younger person that wants this is completely different. it may shed a new light on it for him.

God Bless you on this, hope it works for you. I really consider myself lucky that my priest is doing it whether the people ask him or not. he is already being trained.

So, I send you my prayers (all the way to england)

Dear Matt:

I know twenty miles is a long distance if you don’t have transportation, but if you can talk someone into driving you the distance (by bribery or whatever means necessary;) ) please get yourself to a Latin Mass. I went for the first time today–my husband and I drove 100 miles to the cathedral in Austin, TX to attend. I’m sorry I waited so long. I was simply overwhelmed. I can’t wait to go back.

I will pray for you that you find a willing soul to drive you. One thing I noticed was that your age group was well-represented at the Latin Mass!

thank you all for your helpful replies and your good wishes :slight_smile: i found the time of the latin mass on the church’s website, and i think ill venture up on sunday, if even by train. i think it would be worth it! i spoke to my priest yesterday and he actually seemed enthusiastic. i reckon he just got the feeling from the parish, which is rather old in average age, that they did not really want the change. i don’t think he was actually against it personally, just that he knows we cant make room for the latin mass in my local parish.

He said that it was indeed up to people my age to choose, and that he doesnt know if there is a nearer mass than 20 miles away. He said he’d find out for me by next sunday, he was actually very nice to me about it. So, here i go, ill post comments next sunday if i get there, now i have directions i may just make my own way and let him know what i thought of it.

PS for any who want to find a latin mass in the north-west of England try here: holyname.co.uk

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