Quick story and I'm not crazy


Hello everyone thanks for taking the time to read this. I feel alitte embaressed about this because yes I do have common sence.

  I recently was caught up in an amazing relationship with a non-denominatinal woman my age. We both have a lot of love for Christ and God, that our relationship was originaly built around 

after roughly 6 months we had a engagment that had gone wrong, I belive that at her mega church that she was saved in that they did not like Catholics. There were many ex Catholics who attended there, as well as Baptist, and an ex pentecostal minister. Keep in mind that I live central floirda’s bible belt. I had felt uncomfortable in this church after walking inside with excitment expecting to find a warm house of God playing contermporary music. How ever after a few meetings there on Sundays, I had been offendedd by the pastor’s comments about infant baptisms and saying the apostles creed. To also include on how Catholics carry a stamp, to go to heaven. I don’t agree with all of the teachings of every church in the nation, not even mine. But after finding this offencive it had compounded into other things that dug into the relationship. The pastor therd had dictated my exfiances lilfe.

  Ok, with the jist of everything being said, I belive the congrigatoin of that church had a hand in splitting us up. Especially being that she was only a christian for one year, and it was all very new to her. 

 Now, being up set recently , I had done some praying while driving. As I had drove down one of the major highways here through the swamp, there had been an over cast all day and not much lighting. I had been praying and praying to God to show me a sign I know God always answers my prayers in one form or another on his time. 

finally I said “god I had hand in skrewing up this relationship too” I had contiplated writing her a letter explaining alot of things in my life over the previous week and mailaing it to her. AT that time I had asked god to show me a sign if that was true I had yelled in my car, Lord if things are going to work out, if me and her are going to meet up again, show me a sign. Show me one of your deer crossing the high way, show me one of your alligators on the road coming out of the woods, or show me some weird lighting in your sky. “by the time I pass this billboard sign.”

well no sooner before I passed the sighn there was a long horizontal orange lighting bolt in the sky. wich was an amzing coincidence. after that I felt very calm in my heart and just said “wow”

two days later I finished a excellent letter that had taken me some time to write. then later in the night I had made my way to mail the letter. As I got out of the care, I kneeled down by the public mail box, during an over cast, and I said, God here is your storm again, if I’m wrong for doing this show me one of these lights go out, or if Im doing the right thing, show me some more of your lighting. When I dropped the letter into the box, I looked back and there had been lighting again. Now I know how that sounds but there was not lighting the whole night, and there wasn’ t some huricane driving storm. But I swear it seems like my prayers have been answered I guess only time will tell.

Does anyone esle feel thses could have been devine signs.


My dear friend

Welcome to the forums.

Nothing happens without Gods influence. God keeps us and all creation in existence by thinking about us. All is just a thought in the mind of God. So God has an influence in everything. Is it hard to believe you got a sign? No. But be careful because discerning Gods will can often be tricky for us. It can change sometimes too.

May God bless you and pray to our Lady of Fair Love, perhaps:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thanks all for the positive support, I do appreciate it. To add to the story about what I belive where signs in my life.
I had also been debating and had said to the lord, if everything was going to work out, send me and old friend to talk to.

 The other morning, as I was on my way to school, taking a vacation day from work, I had stoped by a breakfast diner, only to run into an old troubled friend I had gone to school with. He had just finished doing 2 years in a prison. He was trying to make it back to Arizona from Florida. He and I talked for a little while; and I gave him a ride. I told him about everything that had happend. I just think that much of those things where too convienent , to be coincedental it was just all to perfect.


My dear friend

God does all infinitely perfectly. This is something we can easily forget when things happen we don’t like. We all need to understand that God sees everything throughout eternity always and is carrying out His will for all and us with infinite perfection. We must always trust God, even if we don’t understand Him or what’s going on. When you pray for signs be very patient waiting for it. It can take decades for a sign on occasions.

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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