Quick update on kids parenting dolls in school


I posted a while back about the Catholic school that did the Baby Think It Over program (teens taking care of fake babies).

Today, there was a letter to the editor about the story. The author thought that girls coming out of the experience saying they don’t like kids and never want to have a baby is a victory for the culture of death. She suggested that helping take care of real children might be a much more effective activity. Fake babies can’t give feedback, smile at you, and snuggle up on your shoulder. There’s no positive feedback.

Anyway, I was glad to see they printed the letter. —KCT


I don’t think a program like “Baby Think It Over” is of much use if the kids don’t get a chance to talk to their parents or to a group of parents about how they managed parenthood. Otherwise, it is just replacing your doll that was fun and undemanding when you were eight with a doll that is demanding and no fun when you’re a teen.

Nevertheless, the kids might have some great questions after having the responsibility made real to them.


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