Quiet sexual revolution forces Beijing to admit dangers of AIDS

The incident says a lot about China’s fight against HIV. After years of inaction and denial, the government has begun to address the problem. High profile meetings between HIV patients and political leaders are one solution, intended to address the stigma and educate the public about the issue.

Just as significant is the hefty increase in funding for prevention programmes and antiretrovirals for patients. There are public information films and the first strategy addressing the needs of men who have sex with men - one of the highest risk groups.

“There’s been a lot of change,” said Wan Yanhai, director of the Aizhixing Institute and one of the country’s leading Aids/HIV activists. “This generation of leaders - Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Wu Yi - have met people with Aids. They have increased the national budget, opened up to international donors and they tolerate some civil society involvement in provision.”

But when it comes to addressing difficult questions, when activists embarrass officials, or when it comes to implementing policy, the shortcomings of this zeal are clear. Experts fear that leaves China at risk of an epidemic if further improvements are not made.


If they want to stop AIDS, they should criminalize any and all homosexual/homophilic/sodomitic behavior.

Sodomy is the main and predominant cause of the spread of AIDS.

AIDS is a sodomite disease, even the sodomites have admited this already.

Crack down on the sodomites and their peverted behavior and you can and will stop the spread of AIDS and HIV.

Of course, all sexual activity outside of marraige should also be outlawed.

This will stop any sexually transmitted disease.


Did you even read the article?

UNAIDS estimates that 41% of those with HIV in China were infected through heterosexual sex, 38% through intravenous drug use, 11% through homosexual sex - and almost 10% through selling or receiving blood and blood products.

Wan believes that the true figure is far higher and warns - as international experts have - that the virus is spreading from high-risk groups such as prostitutes, drug users, migrant workers and the gay community to the wider population. Last year saw around 50,000 new cases. Increasingly liberal attitudes to sex - yet ignorance about the risk of STDs - and a growing sex trade are adding to the problem.

:rotfl: Nice shot, Dale :slight_smile:

Sure, because people never break the law, always cross at marked intersections, and stay under the speed limit at all times.

The above post is not Centered in the Truth…sad really.


It wasn’t meant to be a shot. I posted in a moment of frustration, and should have left out the word “even” as it didn’t add anything to the meaning I was trying to convey.

I apologize, Humanum Genus, if you felt slighted by my post.

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