Quiet Time, Devotions, Praying Help!

What does your daily quiet time look like?
I’ve been having some trouble “adapting” my own devotional time, because before it was mainly study - academic, reading & writing.
But I’m wanting to start more prayers; and to be honest, my prayer life stinks. I’m a great study-er, and I love reading big 'ol theology books; but when it comes to prayer, I find myself generally wandering off (or forgetting altogether :blush: )

I have a few great Catholic prayer book:

But I don’t know how to really pray them - is it customary to kneel when I pray? Should I do it beside my bed or is in the family room ok?

Also, I’ve heard of getting different “saint rosaries” do you pray any differently on them? I’ve only ever prayed the rosary to Mary…

Thank you for helping a newbie out! :shrug:

~ PetiteFoi

Great question! When I was a Catholic, I liked praying the Liturgy of the Hours. There is a great one-volume book for this called Christian Prayer.

I don’t kneel when I pray as I have bad knees; I tend to lay down or sit.

I have done Adoration before. I found it very powerful.

I also have done novenas to Sts. Joseph and Dymphna.

You might want to experiment with different kinds of prayer and see what works for you.

Take a hot bath, listen with all your heart, and relax.

Praying is talking to God. Start by a conversation as you would with a friend. Once you master this then your prayer life will increase. Go before the Blessed Sacrement and pour your heart out to him. Then do not say a word, just remain in his presence. He will speak to you through your heart. God Bless!

I rarely kneel when praying (except at church). Can pray while drinking a cup of tea, loading the dishwasher, or walking through the house picking up toys. When I am learning a new prayer, I do usually sit down the first several times while I am learning it (for example, learned to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet by praying the novena and sat down to pray it each of the nine days.) I often pray the Rosary or Chaplet while driving. Sometimes, pray by the computer using resources online for prayers.
(I want to read deep-theological materials, but cannot seem to do that very well. Maybe some tips for me on how to do that?)
Blessings to you!
RC :wink:

Adoration helps a lot :slight_smile:

My daily quiet time is late at night, I pray the Rosary just after midnight each day. I am still learning the mysteries and the Apostles creed so I have these up in a text document on my computer but every other thing on it is closed so nothing to distract me.

I will often say three Hail Mary’s during the day at random times if I am feeling stressed or sad or sometimes even if something good has happened.

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