Quilt for the Convent: Prayers requested and $10 raffle



I am humbly asking for prayers and donations for my sister, Katherine as she pursues her vocation to become a Sister with the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our older sister, Sara, made a quilt and we are holding a $10 p/ticket raffle to elimiate Katherine's student loan debt so that she can continue in formation debt-free. At the time when she entered, the community accepted her; despite her student loan debt. She wrote an appeal letter to her friends and our family twice. This was successful, to a point. When she graduated, she had $17,000 of student loans. In two years, that amount has been reduced to less than $5,000. My sister Sara (Katherine's older sister) and I are trying to make this "final push". While our parents have been very supportive of her vocation, Katherine and my sisters do not want to see them with this burden. Unfortunately, my sisters and I are not in a position to singularly "wipe it out". Sara thought the quilt raffle would be a positive way of appealing to people beyond our close family and friends.

Katherine started the formation process in 2007. She is currently a Novice, having completed her pre-postulancy and postulant years. She quietly discerned her vocation throughout college. She came across the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (ASCJ) and was particularly moved by their motto, "Caritas Christi Urgent Nos"; roughly translated "the love of Christ impels us". She is really motivated out of love for God, and in turn, love for others.

The Apostles are an active order, and their primary ministry is in education. Katherine received her Bachelors in Music Education. She is an accomplished instrumentalist and uses her talent for the community. Right now, as a novice, she is teaching at a school in Bridgeport, CT. Other areas of ministry within the community include Pastoral/Diocesan, Health, and Social Services.

We have a facebook page called "Quilt for the Convent" We have pictures and information there as well. As it stands today, we have raised nearly $1200– almost 30% of the goal. And there are about 15 days left before we plan to raffle the quilt.

I respectfully request your prayers for the success of this raffle. For more information, or if you are interested in donating, please do visit at giveforward.com/quilt. We need help getting the word out! I'm also happy to answer any questions here.

With sincere thanks and prayers,

Mary Welsh


An update for those of you who are interested! We have raised $1400; between cash/in person donations, and online. Please, help spread the word (and say a prayer!). Thanks again!



I would love to donate but the site will not let me. I am in the UK and the site will not recognise a British phone number despite having a drop down menu to specify "United Kingdom" I cannot get past that page. I have tried entering with and without international dialing codes, but nothing is working.

Any advice?



Dear Joy,

Sincerely, thank you for your message. I was unaware that there would be problems with any international transactions on the giveforward website.

I really appreciate you willingness to contribute to Katherine's student loans, and also the fun of a raffle. But at this point, I don't feel comfortable asking you to send funds by any other means (wire or mail). Sara (my sister, Katherine's other sister!) and I are of the firm belief that God is never outdone in generosity! Please help us pray for success of the raffle, for an increase of vocations, and also for Katherine.

With God's graces,


I have a great update for all! Since the start of the raffle, we have raised over $1600, between in person gifts and online through giveforward.com/quilt.

We are really happy to have a matching donor willing to match up to $1500-- which will allow us to reach our goal by Thursday, November 25.

If you have stumbled upon this thread, I hope that you'll consider donating $10 to the cause-- and grateful for any prayers. I believe storming the gates of Heaven for Katherine is just as worthwhile and valuable.

With many thanks and prayerful wishes to you,


Friends who have happened across this page:

Great news! The quilt raffle ended, and we met our goal! Thank you for your continued prayers! God is not outdone in generosity!

Meeting the goal was made possible by a team effort-- $1000 in online sales, $1000 in in-person donations, the sale of Kate's viola and a matching donor-- to meet our goal of $4500!

The winner of the draw was a resident of MN. But she requested that we give the quilt to a crisis pregnancy center, or someone who really needed it. With a lot of prayer and consideration, we are giving the quilt to the Sisters of Life in New York City (where I live). So, in a way, it's the gift that will continue to give!

We're so grateful.

Wishing you the best Advent, and Christmas peace,



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