Quilt Square for Grieving Mom


Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted here in ages and ages, but I’m hoping you can give me some advice here. A mom in my community recently lost a child and a group of ladies are making a quilt for her. I volunteered to do a square and since she is Catholic as well I thought I would do something incorporating the faith.

My one idea so far is an image of the Blessed Mother with a phrase from a Marian prayer (but not sure which one) or an image of Jesus with children and maybe a Bible verse or a saint-- is there a patron for grieving parents (though I think Mary fits the bill well)? The child is not named for a saint and I don’t know what his middle name is.

My plan is to use printable fabric then add a border so I can print the image/text.

Thanks for any ideas!


Use a good quality 100% cotton fabric in a white or pale pale color. Pre-wash and iron your fabric. Follow the directions carefully on your transfer paper. The add the borders to your square. Good Luck!


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