Hello. I am Beccah and am having a Quince in January. I was wondering if anyone could give me the quince prayers and mass things in Spanish and in English. I am meeting with my priest very soon but I'd like to start memorizing early. Thanks!


Hi becca,

 I hope that someone (here) might be able to help you. If not you might try contacting your parish secretary for the prayers.

In Los Angeles there were only a few churches that held the Quincera ceremony, those that did had a variation in the prayers as they were tailored to the family.

Sorry that I cant be of help but be patient.. someone might pop up??

Perhaps you could also share what diocese you are in?? That might help one of our forum posters to help a bit??



At my old parish, the priests have allowed celebrations of Quinceanera, but I've never heard the Spanish prayers. Wish I could help! Sorry! :(


I was able to find an English and Spanish translation of the Quinceanera Mass.



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