Quitting job as a teacher to be a SAHM


I started out as a SAHM, and I posted in this forum about going back to work and what the church says. After returning to work as a teacher, I have come to the realization that this is not God’s will for me and my family, and I am asking to resign tomorrow. I am so nervous and really need some encouragement. I feel really bad about leaving so early in the school year, especially when it comes to my students having to get to know a new teacher all over again (they all have Autism). But I just can’t do it, and that is so difficult to admit. Please send me your thoughts.


I haven’t read your other threads. But I absolutely believe that, if circumstances allow, mothers should be at home with their kids. I get that you feel the same way, at least for youself and your own family. I couldn’t be happier for you! :slight_smile: Although I can understand why you feel nervous…this is great news.

You tried life as a teacher, and you know it’s not where you belong. I think it’s great that you have the guts to do what you know is right even though (as you’ve said) it may cause some initial awkwardness in leaving your job, etc. Just give them at least 2-weeks notice, if you can. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement! I’m really nervous about the time I have to spend at work after I submit my notice. I know I’ll get some backlash. I wish I could just leave tomorrow!


If you prayerfully considered this, then you know where God is pointing you. Perhaps you could offer to stay until a good replacement is found. This way the students would not have to get used to a temporary sub then a new teacher.


if the school year started, i would suggest staying the year out, and announcing you wish to resign at the end of the year


Well, I would suggest that when you tell them the reason why you’re leaving, you can be apologetic of course for leaving so quickly, but don’t be apologetic about why you’re leaving in general. Don’t be tentative or unsure when speaking to them about it. If you show them that you’re absolutely at peace with your decision and you know it’s the right thing for you, then I think they’ll take their cues from you as far as how they respond to you. (This isn’t foolproof or guaranteed of course, but it’s a good rule of thumb in many workplace situations.)


I disagree. You’re child is your first priority I know that if I were in your situation being away from my child for a year would be absolutely unacceptable. They will find a replacement for you. Motherhood is a beautiful vocation! I’ll keep you in my prayers! I know you’re nervous but you’re doing the right thing!


I agree. The OP’s child is a baby and working out the school year would mean about 9 months of “gone time” at a really crucial point in baby’s life. The school will absolutely find a replacement teacher, no problem.


Oh, honey, now at the beginning of the year is better than going some further into the year! Yes, deciding not to come back would have been better for your students but, you are only what two three weeks into the year?

You see the need to be at home with your family and the ability to do so financially so, go for it!

If possible and your school allows it, stay long enough to transition a new teacher into your classroom, soon to be hers/his.

Brenda V.


I have a friend who did the exact same thing. She was a SAHM, went back to teaching music, and realized very soon that she needed to be home with her young kids. So, she resigned midyear.


hoping, I’m a mom of an autistic kid (who starts 4th grade at a new school on Tues…amidst many other changes and behavior issues, prayers would be welcome for him) and I wouldn’t hold it against you one bit for resigning :slight_smile: I think it’s admirable that you are considerate of their feelings and the hard time autistic kids have adjusting to new people, and it WILL be hard for them but you’re doing the right thing. I’m sure you already know this but, leave as many notes about your student as possible for the new teach and try as hard as you can to have their routines unchanged. All you can do is your best. God bless you in you SAHM journey :slight_smile:


:yup: I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since the first pregnancy test came back positive. It certainly is a blessed vocation. I think the advice you’ve already received here is spot on, so I’ll just say good luck and you’re in my prayers. :slight_smile:


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