Quitting Masturbation


Has anyone here formed a masturbation habit but managed to quit? If so, any advice?


Yes, best advice is to just stop doing it remember that its a mortal sin and that you have to confess it the embaresment that comes with it was enouph for me to stop doing it or you can pray evry time you have the urge


No, but I wanted to be encouraging.

It must be a big issue our parish bulletin board had a number of article and mentions of some programs to help that habit and other similarly connected habits like porn…

When you have a habit you wish to change replacing it with a good habit may help. It’s objectivley selfish and time wasting act so serving those in your life you have ignored would be a positive step.

Confession would be good.

Good luck.


I have not had a problem with masturbation, but here the things that have helped me with other sin.

  • Always go be around people when tempted
  • Go do some vigorous exorcise when tempted
  • Make a promise to yourself not to commit this sin.
  • Pray when tempted that you can resist the temptation

And as others have said, think of the consequences before sinning.


Use the search feature on this site to read all of the other threads on the same topic. There may be something in them that will help you.


Sitting on your hands in moments of great temptation also helps because it makes access a little harder and gives more time to rethink if you start going for it.


Different answers depend on your state of life.

Are you a minor? If so, seek the counsel of your parents, your Catholic Youth Minister, your priest.


Yes. I made a habit of calling on the name of Jesus every time I felt the temptation. Also Love People Use Things might be a very helpful website/podcast to explore.


Pray the Rosary continuously for half an hour.


I didn’t quit yet but here are some things that I learned and helped me:

  1. install a web filter like questodio to block porn

  2. pray the rosary daily asking to overcome this, and visit Jesus in the sacrament more often especially when you get an urge

  3. you should really pray/meditate more mental prayer etc that’s why you fall especially after 2 weeks or so because all of the sexual energy you have build up needs a release

  4. which leads me to my next point join the nofap group, there are tons of youtubers making nofap vids you need constant motivation like everyday. One person that I really like is gabriel kalei bocanegra

  5. educate yourself how porn effects the brain how it rewires it, and how masturbation isn’t good for you, the benefits of semen retention etc


Cool, that’s helpful. Thanks


Just be patient. Eventually you’ll be old enough that you won’t be tempted any more.


Different people turn to different sources of temporary relief most often from being lonely or feelings of rejection and abandonment. Temptations will always be in front of us but as we grow in wisdom the inclinations to act diminish, but never let your guard down. As much as possible spend your idle time building your prayer life. Try fasting between meals along with your prayer. Dont beat yourself up either. If you find yourself “in trouble” again look toward the hand of Jesus to help you back up. Hope this helps you in some way. Peace be with you


Perhaps think about the circumstances you’re in when you notice that you feel this particular temptation. Is there a pattern (e.g., late at night, when you feel bored, etc.) that you notice? Is there consistently a specific thought or emotion present? Can you sort out why you’re feeling that way? Is your habit coming up to distract you from something else in your life (or a lack of something)? It can feel pretty cerebral, but understanding why you’re tempted to engage in that behavior might help dispel some attachments to it.

A rudimentary part of changing a habit—any habit—is changing the physical routine that your body has become used to. It might be useful to have something that you can physically do, specifically if it keeps your hands busy, to help you physically break the habit.

“Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself.” - St. Francis de Sales


Say the Rosary everyday. Even if you have to say it in your car, say it everyday. Even when you feel defeated and/or bored, stick with it and push through.

Also, I second the person who said engage in exercise. Lifting weights has helped me.

But more important, the Rosary.


Yes, this is a problem for most men. When I became a Catholic and learned that masturbation is a mortal sin, I immediately stopped. It was a challenge. The body had become used to it, so I had to pray real hard to the holy spirit. I remember saying "Holy Spirit, I can’t do this alone. If you don’t help me with this thing, it’s not going to happen. Like any other addiction, cold turkey is the best way, but in this case, because of the gravity of the sin, it’s the only way. I breathed deeply, kept my hands at my sides and prayed fervently. In less than a minute the urge would pass. Day by day the episodes became shorter and my confidence rose. My mind also became trained. I would push carnal thoughts aside and pray to saint Michael to defend us in battle. I am now celibate with an “iron will” and receive great joy from knowing that this trial has passed from me. Thank you for asking this question.


Prayer and fasting can be very effective in combating sexual sin. That’s what I do. I haven’t viewed pornography or masturbated in 36 days (yes, I am keeping track). I’m confident that I can make it to 90 days; 90 days is my goal. I came close a little while ago; I made it 82 days without masturbation and pornography.

Try to fast and control your gaze. Don’t look at billboards, magazines at checkout aisles, or sexual commercials on TV. Watch your eyes. Your eyes are a channel that can fuel your sexual desire. If you aren’t careful at what you look at, you’re going to go down. It’s going to grab you by the throat and throw you down. I know that I’m personifying these desires as if they’re a real animal that lives and thinks, but that’s the way the Scriptures talk about them. 2 Peter 2:11 says “Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul”.


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