Quotes automatically removed by the system

There must have been an update made in the last week. I have started getting this message:

system just now — Automatically removed quote of whole previous post.

Can this be changed?

If the previous post is only one line it might be necessary to quote the whole thing.

Some have a tendency to edit their posts after someone has raised an issue/objection. There is tremendous benefit to being able to quote exactly what you are responding to.

@camoderator @cawebmaster


I just used the little icon next to the B. Let’s see what happens. That is usually how I do my quotes.

Okay, that kept it all. I meant to say it’s the little thought bubble over at the top when replying.


Since this is a technical question, we will defer to the CA Webmaster.

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Thank you!

Ok! The post above this. If someone clicks the edit icon you will see the system message.

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I clicked and saw it. Until it’s “fixed” I guess you can do what I do. You can delete whatever you want from it before you hit reply too.

Test. I think this may just apply to the post directly above yours. Confirmed if this helps cawebmaster.

I have had the same experience of quotes being removed by “system.”

It makes questions or comments unclear as to who they are being addressed to or what they are in reply to. This is most unfortunate.

@cawebmaster needs to analyse this matter.

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This is a test to see whether I can “reverse” the change made by “system”…

Edit: Interesting. Nothing happened this time.

I did try to put the quote back after “system” removed it in another post, though, and “system” responded by removing the quote again. See this:

I’m not a fan of this new function; it’s not helpful when an entire post needs to be quoted because of how short it is. Additionally, I prefer to make it clear to whom I’m responding to, and what was said.

Yes, I also find it’s easier to have the quote on mobile.

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I agree. This function is really unhelpful and makes commenting less clear.

I hope @cawebmaster can reverse this change.


Thanks for your patience, @mrsdizzyd. We’ve disabled the automatic quote removal.




Thank you so much! :heart:

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