Quotes from Watchtower CA - for Jehovah Witnesses


This website (quotes.watchtower.ca) was closed due to suit from Watchtower Society for Trademark Infringement.

It is now back with free site without trademark problem whatsoever, and it still has accurate publications from Watchtower Society own words (for instance Awake Magazines).

You can enjoy to see how their doctrines are doing a flip-flop with each magazine edition, it’s really entertaining yet sad to see that Cult can lead millions of souls to hell.

Please prove it yourself, by going to this site:

Please forward this info to the next JW people that knocks at your door, please don’t slam the door at them, because you just lost the possibility of saving another soul.

Instead, challenge them with tons of publications from Catholic.com or above website, to bring them back to Christ and His True Church - Catholic Church.

God bless you all.


And you can share our website with them too.


Jeff S.

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