Quoting a Post when Replying


So, am I missing something, or is there no easy way to quote another user’s text when posting a reply? Most forums have a “reply” and a “quote text when replying” option. I’m using the site on a smartphone.


There is a bubble to the top left of the reply box which will allow you to quote the post you are replying to.


Got it! Thanks :slight_smile:


You can also highlight over their text - an option to quote will come up.


Thanks! (Ah, I mean thank you, since a post must have 10 characters or more!)


I don’t find that very easy on a phone though.


Posting on a phone at all isn’t very easy, I find. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

However, I like to highlight the portion I want to quote and then tap the quote button that appears. If you use that quote button on the top left of the reply box, it quotes the entire passage. Sometimes you’ll want that, and other times you’ll have to go back and edit it.


Good to know! Thanks!


I find the Default theme easier, as it gives you more screen real estate to work with, and the CF theme navigation bar with the title, “Catholic Ans” bugs me, as I’m a grammar nerd!


Dark theme still isn’t working properly on my phone. I like the default theme. I don’t like the CAF theme right now, either.


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