Quran demonic possession/opression?

can reading and reciting the quran just for the purpose of exposure lead to demonic possession or influences? i heard it makes you vulnerable…i am not planning to convert to islam…i am just expanding my horizon.

What do you mean by what you said “expanding my horizons?”

Just reading it, no. I don’t know anyone who speaks Arabic to recite it, so I can’t answer that part.

Maybe? I have a similar experience but with mormonism. I watched one of their temple rights which was done for that HBO show about polygamists which basically is word for word the same as a masonic ritual and since then i feel creepy and strange yet compelled by mormonism even though I know it is not true.

I mean my knowledge

I don’t think it is a good idea to read about two differents religions.


It is good as far as you dont believe in it, and even for defending our faith

Their founder (John Smith is it?) was a Freemason if I am not mistaken.

You should stick to books written by the Saints and Doctors of the Church and keep away from strange books. Your faith and your soul is most precious and can be lost by reading bad books – do nothing to endanger your faith and your soul. It would be your own fault if you were to lose them. God bless you.

Joseph Smith, and yes he was a freemason and apparently felt that Freemasons held the correct rituals of the early church which fell into apostasy and all that hooey. I’ve talked with ex-masons and ex-mormons and the ceremonies are pretty similar. But still its creepy stuff people should avoid.

In a word…no.

I disagree. Read about as many religions as you like. The Quran is not strange, creepy or demonic, it is just different. The temptation to regard difference as bad is what is really demonic.

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