R.I.P. Father Robert Bedard, CC


Not sure where this goes exactly, but I know the Companions of the Cross have been discussed here before. If it belongs some place else, a Mod can move it.

Father Bob Bedard, their founder, passed away today. He’s been ill and hospitalized for some time, so this isn’t exactly a shock per-say, but it still hits home. I met him a couple of times for spiritual guidance, and he helped me through a very rough patch. His legacy is felt everywhere in Ottawa and several other places, including at my own parish which is now run by the Companions.

A great man, a great leader, and a man of great faith. A Society of Apostolic Life doesn’t appear out of thin air, and in 2002 the Companions received that status.

Funeral details have yet to be announced, but considering the amount of lives he touched I think only the Cathedral in Ottawa will have the space for everyone who’d want to go. I plan on attending, myself.

Rest in peace, Father Bob. Thank you for your “yes” to God, and thank you for all that you have done for us here on Earth. And, in advance, thank you for your prayers in Heaven, where you will hopefully have eternal joy and rest.


Prayers for him... if I was in Ottawa I would attend his funeral. Im familiar with the Companions of the Cross and it sounds like he was a great priest!


Yes, he was a great priest…I would even venture to say holy! I went to two fo his conferences, here in this area. Great, great sense of humility, humor and common sense! Thank you Fr Bob for teaching us to give permission to God to do with us as He pleases…may you rest in peace and I certainly love you amongst many!


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