R.O.T.C. may be misguided?


I received a very slanderous pamphlet at the fair from the R.O.T.C. It was full of lies, half truths, deceit and all mixed with enough truth to make it seem like good information to the ignorant.

Now before you get too angry, R.O.T.C. stands for “Reach Out To Catholics Ministry”. A Baptist Ministry seeking to “save” Catholics (who are NOT Christian you know and are ALL going to hell unless they accept R.O.T.C. teachings) by proselytization.

I constantly receive anti-Catholic propaganda at fairs, from Protestants (mostly the Baptist or SDA ones) I know, etc… What I am curious about though is this, does anyone know of any group or organization of EX-Baptists?

Don’t just say the Catholic Church just because we are getting a flood of them in now with increasing numbers. Don’t just say the Coming Home Network either. I am looking for a specific group of just EX-Baptists trying to enlighten with truth the Baptists they left behind who still keep their head in a hole. Even a group of Protestant EX-Baptists would be OK.

As a rule, Catholics usually don’t form groups like this. I am just curious if there are groups of EX-Baptists seeking to bring truth into the Baptist void, the darkness they often exuberate in out of ignorance of ‘context’ in Sacred Scripture or Catholic Dogma for example.



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