R U guilty of "Acedia"?


Would you like to share your thoughts?


hrm well seeing as that would constitute an inability to work and pray I guess no.

As for the first qualification, what can i say? I’m in school and it’s spring quarter.


If I’m guilty of pride, everything else just falls in line.


Yes, sometimes.


I recently read “Acedia and Me” by Kathleen Norris (an author I like a lot). Not the best of her books, but an important topic. I agree with her that we’ve lost all sense of acedia as a “deadly sin”: one of the original eight “deadly thoughts” then subsumed under “sloth” as one of the seven deadly sins (by Gregory the Great?). It isn’t just laziness (which is what we think of as “sloth”) but a certain deadness regarding spiritual things, which can be overcome by rededication to spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, etc.). Not the same as depression.


I just read that book, too. I could identify with what she has written. Yes, I have, at times, been guilty of acedia, but until I read that book, I was unfamiliar with the term. but for a person like me, it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between acedia and depression, and there is difference.


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