Rabbi, 3 Others Accused Of Stealing $12.4 Million In NYC, State Education Funds


**NEW YORK **(CBS NewYork) — Four men, including a rabbi, have been accused in a scheme to steal millions of dollars earmarked for preschoolers with special needs . . .

The 42-count indictment of grand larceny charges the four men with stealing $12.4 million in city and state education funds between 2005 and 2012, a theft allegedly picked up on by state auditors . . .

It’s charged that Rabbi Hiller diverted $8 million to religious camps and Orthodox schools, including the private girls’ academy where he worked as principal.


Wow, that’s a lot of money stolen by the four men.

I wonder if the citizens of New York will ever get the $12.4 million in city and state education funds back.


Mind in the right place, rabbi… hands in the wrong. :nope:


They have already gotten some it back. Last month, a blog post for the Village Voice mentioned that $1 million has been returned by the girls school and one of the camps which Rabbi Hiller donated to. Granted, that is only 8% of the money, but it shows that good people are serious about doing right.


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