Rabbi calls for expulsion of Christians from Israel [CC]


The Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land has condemned a recent article by Rabbi Ben-Zion Gopstein calling for the expulsion of Christians from Israel.Gopstein is the head …



shame and very sad


He seems to want very aggressive means to keep Jewish identity. While always volatile, modern Christians are much more likely to get along with Jews than Muslims. It makes me wonder why Christians were the focus of his attack.

While I have no problem with a nation that limits the types of people who can come in to keep it’s national identity, expelling people who are already citizens is not kosher (so to speak).


Having googled him he appears to be a follower of the late Meir Kahane


Has this man written so strongly concerning Muslim influence?


Oh yeah, he apparently urges fellow Israelis to report other Jews to report Jews who rent to or date Palestinians etc. so he can ‘name and shame’ them. He opposes Jews integrating with ANY other religion.


Look up his late mentor Meir Kahane and you will have an insight into his views straight away.


This article is about a wonderful (and I use that word in a sarcastic way in case it’s not obvious) hotline run by Lehava with whom Gopstein is associated:-


Rabbi Gopstein also opposes any marriage between Christians and Jews and is on record as wanting sexual relations between Jews and non-Jews to be made illegal as was the late Kahane who strongly influenced him.


Fringe guy, fringe movement.


Well at least he is consistent.
Blinded by zeal for his own Jewish identity, but consistent.

Sounds a lot like an early Christian we may know from the bible.


Oh absolutely, Lehava should not be seen as representing any more than a small fringe group. Unfortunately they do seem to shout rather loudly and I can remember Gopstein’s mentor Kahane been banned from entering the UK many years ago and the furore that caused.


I wonder what happens if a complaint is filed? what would the result be?


Pope Francis is right. Every religion has the fundy’s to deal with…


I have never heard of either of these men before.


Kahane was instrumental in founding a group called Kach which is now banned in Israel.



He also praised fundamentalists, he also said not to insult other faiths which pejoratives like “fundys” sounds like.



thanks for the link.


He sounds like the Fred Phelps of Israel.




He didn’t praise fundamentalism which is certainly not faith. It is ideology created out of good religious ideals for bad purposes. “Fundy’s” is not insulting other faiths.

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