Race of Jesus

what do you think he was?

i could care less.

what I think and what you think is irrelevant. The bible clearly states Jesus was a Jew, born of a Jewish mother, descendent of Jews and could trace his ancestry to King David and beyond. Jewish is not a race, it is both ethnicity and religion. “race” is an artificial construct made up to categorize people by certain inherited characteristics, such as skin color, which is of little use beyond anthropology and like fields where those distinctions have meaning.

Umm, none of the above… Jewish and middle eastern aren’t really the same…
I mean, for all practical reasons, Jesus looks different risen anyway, and we will know Him the moment we see Him, regardless of what He looks like.

But that’s not fair I guess… I very much enjoy looking at pictures of the Shroud of Turin, and like it that if this is the true shroud, then He’s five nine!:smiley: (my height)


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