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I know God works in mysterious ways but how did every different style race come from maybe 2 white people Adam and Eve ? Chinese Japanese Arab All that…Any Opinions …Besides The Sun


Multiplication… and the Sun :smiley:


What makes you think Adam and Eve were “white people”?


This isn’t a question of faith so much of science. All the scientific evidence points to our species arising in Africa. It’s almost laughable to assume Adam and Eve would have been “white”.
To this day, there is far more genetic diversity among humans in Africa than elsewhere on the planet. A small group of Africans left Africa at some point, perhaps 50 000 years ago or so, and slowly spread out across Europe, Asia and the Americas. As groups become isolated from one another, through the process of genetic mutation and natural selection, different physical characteristics emerged. Europeans and Asians remain very closely related… more so than distinct groups of Africans are to each other.


The answer is natural selection. Darker skinned people in a low sun environment wouldn’t fare too well due to lack of vitamin D so people born with lighter skin would survive to reproduce and pass on the light skinned genes.

Adam and Eve were most likely not white though.

For example, earlier this year, the genome sequencing of a hunter-gatherer who lived in what is now Spain helped build the case that Europe was home to blue-eyed but dark-skinned people. This man, however, lived just 7,000 years ago. The researchers write that their analysis suggests that light skin was not yet widespread and ubiquitous in Europe at the time. Earlier work done with the genes of the 83 people in the new study, supported by linguistic evidence, also shows that populations in Europe about 8,000 years ago would have been mixed and diverse.


You’ll find that different people will have different interpretations of the Adam and Eve story. Some believe that two people were created and they are the sole genetic ancestors of all other humans that exists. Some believe that there were multiple humanoid life forms, but two of them were imbued with a soul and that these two while from the same gene pool as the others were the first human beings. I understand that both perspectives are allowed until Catholicism. Both interpretations have an implication on the size of an initial gene pool.


Well, you see, there was this mad scientist named Yakub. He mixed some stuff together and that’s where white people come from.
Just kidding.
Adam.and Eve were probably not white.
The creationist answer would probably be something about Noah’s children.
The evolutionary answer is adaptation.


Race, as it is used in modern terms is NOT a scientific accepted fact. Here’s how the US census defines it. Also, who said Adam and Eve were white? https://www.census.gov/topics/population/race/about.html


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Look at dog breeds. All dog breeds come from your basic dog, and if you breed together most dogs, you will pretty soon get some pretty basic dog types showing up. But if you breed for a certain thing you like, you will soon find the dogs looking more and more different from any other dogs or breeds of dogs.

Humans don’t look nearly as different from each other as Irish wolfhounds look different from pugs.


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