Racial Mixing and the Tower of Babel


The story of the Tower of Babel is much more than a morality story as one poster suggested. It the first part of an act explaining God’s perfect justice, which will be, as is often the case, fully revealed in the New Testament.

In Genesis, we see God confusing the language of men who thought they had the power to reach God through their own abilities.

In Acts, at Pentecost, we see God giving man the ability to understand foreign tongues which would allow them to take the Good News to all of the world.

So, when the two stories are combined we see the weakness of man and the power and glory of God.


the owl and the stork? this isn’t even a fable, much less a parable!

I will say that Darwinism engendered an idea of people who were more evolved and those who were less evolved… (imo: ugh)


Wow, This is a terrific explanation!


I’m glad this thread is still rolling! Everyone has brought something, very cool!


To anyone who is claiming Christianity is incompatible with ‘race mixing’ (that ludicrous old term which should be consigned to the dustbin of history) they will need to explain why their saviour Our Lord was ‘racially mixed’ when you look through his ancestry. Good look with that for those who bang on about the horrors of ‘race mixing’.


Racial mixing is only a problem for “race realists” who claim that whites are the most evolved from apes and that blacks and browns are closer to the later. They think that we need to preserve our superior intelligent genes from third world mongrel.


Sorry I meant fable. It’s an Armenian fable by (I think) Gregory of Narek.


Exactly. That North Americans lump all African peoples together as the “Black race” is the height of absurdity. There is far more genetic diversity in Africa between various groups than there is, for example, between Europeans and Asians. Race is totally a social construct, but if we insist on classifying “races”, then we should really identify several African races and lump everyone else (Europeans, native Americans, Asians, etc) into one… the non-Africans all share a fairly recent common ancestor.
Take the Pygmies of Africa…they have less in common with fellow Africans than most Africans do with Europeans. Colour of the skin as the defining identifier is a silly concept introduced within the last several centuries.
What the OP is really talking about is ethnicities. Of course the premise is flawed because there’s no way that the primordial ethnic groups of Babel (if we take this story literally) still exist today. What makes someone English? The modern English people are a mixed bag of Anglo-Saxon, Norman, etc… same goes for pretty much everyone else.


Racial mixing has the consequence that recessive genes lose out against dominant genes for pigmentation, dark hair, brown eyes, etc. So blondes and blue-eyed people will become a yet smaller part of the population. During classical antiquity blondes were much more common in the Mediterranean area. Among the Germanic tribes, the overwhelming majority were blondes or gingers. But racial mixing also affects psychological characteristics, such as logical capability; and instinctual qualities, such as level of extraversion and level of aggression. So racial mixing leads to rapid loss of variegation in the phenotype.


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