Racial slurs thrown at Congressman Al Green after he calls for Trump's impeachment


During a town hall meeting on Saturday, Congressman Al Green played recordings of threatening voicemail messages left for him after he demanded the impeachment of President Donald Trump on the House floor earlier this week.
“You’ll be hanging from a tree,” one caller said.*

The calls use graphic racial slurs, some calling Green the n-word. “You ain’t going to impeach anybody. Try it and we will lynch all of you,” said a caller.

Whatever your stance on impeachment (It is either/or for me—I voted for neither candidate in the election)--------can we AT LEAST get past these despicable comments?

So YES, Virginia, there IS still RACISM left in this country.

Comments welcome.

That is vile, to still be hearing this junk in 2017 is ludicrous.

I completely agree. How despicable.

Really? And I was just about to head to New Orleans and hang out in the bad part of town. :rolleyes:

He didn’t have to resort to racial slur in disagreeing with the Congressman. Or calling names.

Using argument would be fine.

As for racism, there will always be as long as there are people of different races. Human tendency is to root for their own kind. We only do it in a more sophisticated way camouflaging our racist tendency.

Speak for yourself and, perhaps your own “kind”, whatever that might be.

What would be the purpose of using a public meeting to play messages left on an answering machine? Who benefits from playing racist remarks to an audience?
Is it better that racists get a large audience, rather than a small audience?
How does this in any way provide information on whether President Trump should be impeached?

Hate begats hate. When the time comes, IF there are grounds, call for impeachment. Don’t do it just to score points in your district.

Yes, the racial slurs and threats are uncalled for.

I have to conclude:

-Racism is obviously wrong, but pockets will continue to exist in all races.

-Congressman Al Green’s political grandstanding is laughable.

-The left’s divisive and endless hate provoking against Trump is nauseating. Here’s hoping the Dem’s lose another 1k seats in the coming years.

Exposing evil opely helps to fight it.

How does this in any way provide information on whether President Trump should be impeached?

It does not----but it DOES speak to the fact that whatever your feelings about impeachment, this is unfair and unacceptable. And many would also say it also tars all anti-impeachment people with an unfair tag. :blush::shrug:



Can these phone calls be traced? It would be a great help to know where they came from. Around here recently there were some nasty anti-gay slurs painted on a church. There was an uproar and then it turned out to have been done by a gay proponent to give opponents a black eye. Not that it was the case here or that the official was involved in any way, but what if it were done by maybe an over enthusiastic supporter to gain sympathy as was done here locally?

It’s “grandstanding” to publicly note that one has been a victim of racist attacks. Got it.

So…giving racists a larger audience rather than a very small one helps dissuade racists?

Giving anonymous racists, about whom we know nothing, a larger platform helps provide useful information to…who?

This free advertising for racists facilitating the fight against racism such as…what?

Do we really think racists are sitting around saying, gosh, I was hoping only a few people would hear my remarks. Now that many people have heard my racial remarks, I must reconsider my views.

No, grandstanding by calling for Trump’s impeachment which kicked off this mess while knowing it’s not going to happen.

Wow, how long have you been a mind-reader? What an amazing talent.

Because the date on the calendar has anything to do with anything. As if ideas had expiration dates.

“Oh my goodness, you mean it’s really Current Year? I had no idea. I’m so sorry, I’ll renounce my outdated notions and get with the times as soon as possible!”


I do not see the point Green was making. There are people who use the n word? Racist exist? Okay. That was one person in 300+ million. There is probably even another. :shrug:

Sure, it is vile to hear that stuff. But just to be clear, it was a Congressman that was playing it. Murder is an awful crime. Does that mean we should publicize crime scene photos in all their gory detail?

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