I’m looking for some advice. I would like to start by saying that I don’t consider myself racist, there have been times in the past where I have made racial jokes or remarks which I’ve since realized are wrong, however recently I have realized that I find that I feel more confident around people who are not of my race and am wondering if this could be considered racist. What I mean by this is when it comes to interacting with people, and I’m not sure if this is the right word, but I feel more dominant and intern confident when interacting with people who are foreign. Whether this be in regards to conversing with some, meeting someone new, talking to a girl or even confession.

For example, there have been times at confession when the priest has been foreign and I have felt more confident and comfortable in the confessional, as opposed to times when the priest has been of the same race as me and I’ve felt less comfortable and confident. Whether this is due to experiencing a feeling of dominance I’m not sure, however I don’t like using this word as it sounds wrong. The same can be applied to other scenarios in life.

That been said, I’ve experienced the same feeling when interacting with someone, regardless of their race, that I’m more confident, out spoken and physically bigger then. For example when hanging out with friends there have been times when a mutual friend of my mates has been bigger, more confident and out spoken then me and as a result I have felt shy and insecure. Then there have been times when it’s been the other way around and I have felt more confident.

Thanks for reading what I had to say.

God Bless!

I think that you are aware that racism isn’t acceptable and each person respected regardless of whether or not their ancestors spent more time in the hot sun than your ancestors did.

I suppose one image we can place in our minds is how would we react to Jesus as a person, not knowing He is the Son of God. Through His Mother He descended from the desert people, Abraham’s tribe.

Setting pictures and visions aside, might not He has been swarthy, darker of skin than you or me, with dark hair? How would we have responded, not knowing Him, if He entered our environment quietly? Each person is our sister or brother in Him, so they are deserving of our respect.

However I do think that because you did at one time succumb to racial comments, could be perhaps over-thinking the issue, because your post indicates that you know to respect others regardless of race, and that you wish to do so, despite past lapses.

To some extent, most of us have to deal with self-esteem issues in comparison with companions who seem or whom we deem as superior to ourselves.
It is not unusual for anyone to feel more intimidated by a more powerful, a more successful, a more talented or more a self-confident person.

Perhaps just ask God’s help to love and respect others as He desires, and do your best to manage that, but perhaps it isn’t helpful to dwell too much on the issue that is common to us all, our desire to be accepted and welcomed by others.

Kind wishes and a prayer,


Thanks heaps, that really helped!

God Bless!

Racism is about our actions, not really how we feel (which we cannot always control).


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