Radical Feminists Join with Conservatives

“This is how deeply the trans cult has imbedded itself into the body politic, especially on the left. Hat’s off to Ryan Anderson and Heritage for stepping up to host the panel, the ostensible purpose of which was to encourage opposition to a Congressional bill called the Equality Act that would enshrine the trans ideology into American law. These radical feminists are having none of it. They argue passionately that this is an invasion of female space.”

Reading this article, it struck me that obliteration of reality is the new normal.


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There are so many layers of absurdity going on with this ideology, it’s hard to believe it’s really happening. First these liberal activists call any statement or opinion they don’t like “violence”. So Ms. Beck has committed “violence“ because she called a man a man, and not a woman as he supposedly preferred. Then as Ms. Beck pretty accurately pointed out, they simultaneously claim that “gender” is a social construct and fluid and unrelated to biology, but homosexuality is a fixed desire for a specific gender, but gender is tied to very definitive gender stereotypes. None of it can rationally be accepted with any other part of it. But people are perfectly willing to go along with this insanity for some reason. It’s like the alternate ending to the story “The Emperor’s Clothes”. The kid shouts out “the Emperor hasn’t got any clothes on!” and instead of all the townspeople and retainers realizing they’ve been duped, they turn on the kid, tell him that the Emperor is wearing the most beautiful clothes ever developed, then throw him in the dungeon until he admits that the Emperor is indeed wearing some absolutely fabulous attire…

It’s just ridiculous

Many radical feminists support capital punishment, right?

This is a fragile alliance, I doubt it will last.

From the article:

Julia Beck was booted from the Baltimore LGBTQ Commission because she referred to a male rapist as male even though he says he’s female. They placed this male rapist in a woman’s prison where he proceeded to rape more women.

Okay, no wonder radical feminists have sided with conservatives on this.
Who, in their right mind, possessing a shred of common sense at all, would put a male rapist in a female prison just because he says he’s female? What kind of idiocy is this? Assuming he raped these women with is male genitals, the very nature of his crimes indicates he is male.

To remove Beck for referring to this male as “him” just compounds the idiocy.

It’s not really an alliance, just an agreement on this one issue. The two groups obviously differ on many things, but agree on one thing. The feminists had tried to find a liberal group in the DC area to host this discussion but were rejected by all. Only the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group, agreed to host the presentation.

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